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What Is WordPress Website Development


WordPress is a free open-source website creation platform or it can be said that WordPress is a content management System which is written in PHP that uses MySQL database. WordPress is today’s easiest and most powerful blogging and website builder. Any website which uses WordPress website as its content management system is called WordPress website. Examples of few websites which can be built with WordPress are, Blogs, E-Commerce website, Business website, Membership website, portfolio website, and many more. Few of the benefits of WordPress as website platform are, its simplicity, it is flexible, it is cost free, it is easy to use, it is open-source software. Other benefits are, there is no need to know code, it is highly customizable with WordPress themes, and it is extendable with WordPress plug-ins. If you want to use WordPress, then you need few things to get started, first thing you need is quality web hosting, second thing which is required is a domain name, and third thing is, the WordPress software to get installed on your website. Using all these things you can have WordPress site development.

ASP.Net is a web application framework, which is marketed and developed by Microsoft, and which allows programmers to build dynamic web site. Also, it allows users to use full featured programming language, such as VB.NET, to build web applications easily. Now-a-days, it is very important to learn web technology, because, internet has become one source of information, and many of the software which was traditionally used have become Web Applications. ASP.Net applications can be written in almost all .Net languages, ASP stands for Active Server Pages and NET stands for Network Enabled Technologies. If you have a business and want to build your website then ASP .NET web development company, can do this job for you.ASP.NET is a low cost and high speed programming language, which is used for creating websites. This language is very easy to learn and also it requires very few resources and setup. There are many opportunities for .NET programmers, and it is a good option for beginners to learn.

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