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What Makes the Chances of Visa Application Refusal High When Planning to Take Your Business Overseas?


Countless people might have planned to expand their business overseas. After all, taking business abroad is in itself a luxury that one may acquire. With endless reasons why people make their move to foreign countries, it has become a trend now to apply for the visa for business acquisitions in Portugal. In fact, people are more interested in pursuing their dreams of expanding businesses overseas now.

If you are someone, who often looks forward to chasing the opportunity to start a business in Portugal, you might not be the only one. Nowadays, heading to a foreign land for work is new normal. However, visa application refusal is a common issue that people usually encounter with. Indeed, you can pursue your dreams of business acquisition in Portugal if you don’t face rejection on the visa application. But, how do you do that?

Of course, it is as simple as keeping certain things in mind. You just need to avoid certain mistakes and you are good to go. Have a glance at the most common mistakes you should avoid making sure you never miss a chance to expand your business overseas.

  • Information in the Form Doesn’t Match Official Documents

Even a single letter can be the reason for visa application rejection. The rule of thumb here is that the information in the form should match the details in official documents. Make sure to write information that matches with your official documents.

  • Insufficient Proof for Verification

Running a business in foreign is indeed a privilege. Of course, the proof for verification is extremely important. If you don’t have sufficient proof to support your visa application, you stand a high chance to get refusal on your visa application. Not submitting evidence for verification purposes is indeed one of the major causes why your visa application stands a chance of being rejected.

  • Invalid Documents

You won’t get approval on your visa request if you are not carrying valid documents. Yes, only sufficient proof is not enough to get your application approved. The proofs should be valid too. Whether it is damaged passport or your passport size photo older than 10 years, you will find oodles of reasons for getting your visa application rejected.

  • Not Referring to Country Specific Checklist

When it comes to filling your application form, it tends to get necessary to refer to the country specific checklist, as it is one of the most common issues that usually people never take seriously. You must know that not all the countries have the same documentation requirements. If you miss on the essential documents, you won’t get approval on your visa application.

  • Not Consulting with Immigration Specialist

Yes! This is the main cause of why your visa application is being rejected again and again. Accept it or not, the professionals know better than you do. They have a great experience in it and your chances of getting approval on your visa request are double when you consult with immigration specialists. They what different countries’ requirements are and what it takes to seek approval on your visa.

Get Assistance from Reliable Consultants

With the world of technology becoming advanced, people usually prefer taking online route for every single thing they required. In fact, online visa applications are indeed the best option to go with. Seeking assistance from the best European Immigration Consultants in India is always the best possible way to improve your chances of getting your visa application approved. You can find a trusted immigration consultant online within a few minutes. The best part is that you don’t have to struggle for getting your application approved.

If you still need good reasons to count on immigration consultants, have a look here:

  • They Make Process Smooth

No fuss and complicated documentation could drive you crazy when you choose immigration consultants. They don’t just make the process smooth but also put you at ease till you get your visa approved.

  • They Handle Everything Professionally

The laws and ethics of working in Portugal would not be the same as other countries. Checklist of documents required for visa application should be considered carefully and immigration experts handle it professionally. They know what documents are required and they handle everything and make the process easier for you.

  • They Know What is Required to Improve Your Chances of Being Approved

Yes, you don’t have much idea about what improved your chances of being approved. You just need to hire immigration consultant and you are good to go. The professionals will take care of your visa application and let you save time and money.

If you are applying for a work visa and want to expand your business across Europe, get in touch with immigration consultants. Leave the job on them and the entire process will go smoothly. Make sure you apply for a visa before the preferred date to get enough time to seek approval. In fact, you can count on immigration consultants even if it is all about your last minute escape. Now, sit relaxed and plan how you can take your business abroad.