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What Methods Do Private Investigators Use?

Private Investigators

There are many different ways private investigators use to gather evidence and to conduct their investigation activities. In the United States, there are many established and reputable private investigators that have years of experience in their field. They may use a variety of methods to collect the evidence they need, such as:

Private Mailbox

o Mailbox Rental. Some private investigators may utilize a private mailbox rental for the purpose of gathering evidence on a subject. This method is often used when the subject resides and the investigator does not face personal contact with the individual. Evidence can be gathered through the mailboxes property.

GPS Tracking System

o GPS Tracking. Private investigators may use GPS tracking as one of their collection methods. This method involves placing a tracking chip on a subject’s vehicle. The vehicle can be followed from a distance using a GPS tracking system. The system may also be used to monitor individuals movements.


Private investigators use different forms of surveillance while gathering information from a person. Most commonly, they use secret cameras or video equipment to observe subjects. These cameras and video equipment can be concealed inside of the subject’s vehicle or any other place that is publicly accessible. Private surveillance can include the observation of persons activities, the location of individuals and the activity they are doing at the time.


Private investigators may interview a subject by setting up a preliminary interview where the investigator meets with the subject and obtains information about the subjects family and background. Interviewing can take place over the phone or in person. Personal information obtained during interviews can be used to further the investigation.

Escaping Legal Custod

Many times private investigators work with lawyers. If a lawyer believes their client should not be held in jail because of a pending trial, they will work with a private investigator to secure release for the client. The investigator will gather information and proof that will help the lawyer to make their case. They may also try to find information on a subject that is protected from public exposure.

Intelligence gathering

Private Investigations can obtain information by many different methods. Often they use computer forensics or intelligence gathering to get information. Computer forensics includes hacking into a computer to gather information. Intelligence gathering methods include tapping phones or computers to obtain information.

Jurisdiction & Case

As you can see there are many different methods that a private investigator can use to get the information they are investigating. Depending on the jurisdiction and the case at hand will determine which methods are used. In order to hire a private investigator, you will need to know what their specialty is. There are many things to consider before hiring a private investigator. You should have a good understanding on what to expect from them before hiring one. Make sure that the private investigator has experience and you feel comfortable with them.

Legal Situation

If you are in a legal situation then it is important that you have a private investigator that you trust. This will make it easier for the investigator to get the information you need to win your case. You should also choose an investigator that you feel good about because their work and reputation reflect on them and their services. It is important to hire a reputable and reliable private investigator.


Before you hire a private investigator you should be aware of their capabilities. If they cannot produce information that is accurate, they should not continue to work with you. Information that is inaccurate may cause problems in your case. If a private investigator cannot meet your needs then you should find someone else to do the job. There are people out there who only offer to find information, produce no results and then ask for more money. You must make sure that you find an investigator that meets all your needs.

Phone Or Email

Some people do not want to hire a private investigator because they feel they will be too aggressive. They are afraid that the investigator will pursue them and make them lie or hide information from them. If this is the case then you should reconsider trying to find a private investigator. There are many ways that the investigator can communicate with you. All they need to do is to contact you by phone or email and give you the information that you need. If you decide to work with the investigator, make sure that you trust them completely because if you do not feel comfortable with them then you will not be able to get the information that you need.

Last Word:

When hiring a private investigator it is important to remember that they are professionals and they should know what methods to use to get the information that you want. Most private investigators will not use force, if at all possible. If a person contacts you then they are contacting a professional and they should respect that right. If you find yourself in a legal situation and feel that you need to hire an investigator then be sure to look into their methods of operation and the way they go about gathering information from people. If you use common sense when dealing with private investigators then you should have a good experience.