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What Needs to Be Recorded for Referencing in Your Coursework Writing?

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Most of the students ask the same question that –

What Needs to Be Recorded for Referencing in the Coursework Writing?

They should know that the expert writers will help to achieve the best solution only. They have years of writing experience. They are drafting lengthy paper for the students for years that includes the reference page in it.

To provide the best and reliable solution, the experts took the same question to the professionals and asked them. Here is the answer that will list all the aspects in brief required to record for referencing in your coursework writing.

8 Elements Needed to Include in Coursework Writing Reference \

The elements required for coursework citation are as follows:

Author’s Detail – 

  • You should include the writer’s names where required.
  • You can write the last name first and then the initials.
  • You can use the abbreviation et althat means and all in the case there are more than three authors.


  • For 1, 2, or 3 authors – Aniston A, Kudrow B, Schwimmer C
  • For more than three authors – Aniston A et al
  • For the sources, who have not mentioned the writer’s name, you can either use the brand name or the document or web-page title.
  • Example: Skills Required for Writing or Mistakes You Must Avoid

Date of Publication 

  • You should include the publication year or a more specific date that should be appropriate for your writing.
  • You can check when was the page last updated for web-pages.
  • You can include the dates in brackets (2020) after writing the information of the author.
  • You can put (no date) for unpublished dates.

Title of Piece

  • You should include the name of the book, the title of a journal article or a web-page that could be the title of the piece.
  • You can write the titles in italic style.
  • You can include the edition number for the book to make finding information easier.

Publisher Information 

  • You should include the publisher name & place of publication for reference, usually relevant for books only.
  • You should mention all the information of the publishers to save it from plagiarism.


Page Numbers

  • You should include the page numbers used in your coursework writing for referencing a particular part of a book.
  • You can use p. 111 to symbolize page 111 or pp. 111 – 225 to indicate multiple pages.

URL & Accessed Date 

  • You have to include the full URL of the web-page and your last accessed date of the page.
  • You can record when you found the information you are referencing as the web is not static, and web-pages can be changed, updated, or removed at any time.

Direct Quotes

  • You should include the information of the writer while quoting in the text directly.
  • You should put the quote in quotation marks.
  • You may neatly cut the quotation in its own paragraph for longer or direct citation.
  • Your list should then include the full version of the reference.

Additional Information

  • You may want to leave out some words while quoting sometimes, for which you use (…) three dots.
  • You should use the square brackets if you want to add words to a quote for clarity.
  • You can use [sic] to note an original error or foreign spelling.
  • For example, Skills Required for Writing is a UK site, hence use the UK language.

These are the various aspects that need to record for referencing in your coursework writing. There are many coursework help providers that can help you with Coursework writing. I hope, you find these prospectors useful to write a citation in your coursework.