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What Qualities to Consider When Recruiting Construction Laborers

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If you are in the construction industry, you need a good team of construction laborers to achieve project goals on a regular basis. But you don’t always want them on your payroll, as that is expensive as you need to find ongoing work for them. 

This is where labor hire agencies come in. They hire workers out to you as a contractor and you just pay for the time you use them, and you have no overhead costs such as insurance and superannuation. If the worker doesn’t please you, you do not need deal with their performance. You just tell the labour hire agents that you do not want that worker any more and they will provide you with another. It is that simple!


Often you will have a base team of your permanent staff that will stay with you the year round. This is good for continuity and the maintenance and development of corporate knowledge that will help your company to grow. But as you know, with any building project, there are deadlines. And if you don’t meet these deadlines, there can be extremely costly penalties, that can cost hundred of thousands in some commercial developments. 

If you have a deadline approaching, well this is the time you should consider a Labour Hire Agency. You can get a temporary team to come in and bring man-power in to get the job done fast. Whether it is cleaning, digging, demolition, traffic control, what ever the job, a labour hire company can source a team quickly for you. But you might only need one extra pair of hands, and you are a smaller business? Well that’s ok, a Labour Hire Company is able to get you just the help you need.


We spoke to one of the best Labor Hire Agencies in Brisbane, Rednax Recruitment to get their perspective on what benefits a labour hire company provides. 

Rednax says that a huge benefit of a labour hiring company, is the screening the labour hiring company does for you. They set criteria, and often trial the workers to make sure they are dedicated to working, and will not waste your time. 

The experts at Rednex say that “we want to make sure you get the right staff the first time and build working relationships between our client and workers. That shows to our client that our team hires the worker professionally, and screening is done before giving the job to the workers.”  

Rednax says that these are the four key factors that they check in their employees

  1. Reliability
  2. Punctuality
  3. Ability to follow instructions
  4. Physical ability


You need to check that any Labour Hire Agency that you choose to do business with, thoroughly checks its workers

For increasing their growth in industry, a construction labour hiring company looks for these five qualities in a construction worker that is:

  • Certified to Operate Construction Equipment
  • Stamina & Strength
  • Coordination & Dexterity
  • Good Attitude and Ability to Follow Instructions
  • Depth perception & Vision
  1. Certified to Operate Construction Equipment

Workers are pre-trained to operate power tools and machinery that they are hired out for. Also work with different types of material like glass, cement, electric wire or more. To ensure workers comply with safety requirements, they are verified that they are certified to operate construction equipment.

  1. Stamina & Strength

It is the most important and basic quality that a construction worker must possess is stamina and strength so they can avoid workplace injury. A worker in field will perform different tasks like lifting, climbing, digging, bending and the operation of heavy tools either manually or automatically. Your worker must have the great stamina and strength.

  1. Coordination & Dexterity

Your labour must be good in coordination and dexterity. They need outstanding hand-eye coordination, should also be very flexible and be quick on their feet. Many construction tasks require worker to have full body coordination.

  1. Good Attitude and Ability to Follow Instructions

Good attitude and ability to follow instructions is crucial for a temporary worker. Workers in the field will encounter procedures, specifications and other things that they need to abide by. 

  1. Depth Perception & Vision

This type of job requires good eyesight level. In field worker would dealing with construction materials as well as blueprints and if they deal with handling machinery and equipment, so they should be able to see gauge’s and dials functioning properly or not.