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What should I look for when buying a Chromebook? 


A few assumptions and things to search for with premium models include Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors. Once more, search for tenth-era processors if conceivable. As far as memory, 8 GB is the norm, albeit a couple of Chromebooks can have 16 GB of memory for an extra expense. 

The best Chromebooks expect to offer an improved option compared to standard workstations, nixing the further developed usefulness of a Windows or Apple machine to give a more smoothed out experience. Considering this easy-to-understand plan and approach, Chromebooks today are great rivals in the individual and understudy PC space. 


Similarly, as with all Google gadgets, the Chrome OS framework conveys a lightweight and primary interface that is not difficult to get. In addition, it offers admittance to probably the most widely recognized projects utilized in standard Windows and Apple workstations through the Google Play application store. However, these choices make Chromebooks most appropriate for fundamental use. 

Notwithstanding, Chromebooks that element best in class parts, further developed highlights including contact screens and hello res cameras, and a considerable amount more. So exactly what makes a Chromebook worth its sticker price for the improved usefulness? Our aide expects to point you the correct way while responding to that inquiry. 

With involved audits for the absolute best Chromebooks accessible today, you’re getting a legitimate gander at why these machines get it done. You’ll discover elective alternatives also, including financial plan cordial models just as practically identical machines. 

Step by step instructions to pick a Chromebook 

On the off chance that you need a Chromebook, you will likely be taking a gander at a gadget most appropriate for utilizing on the web and something compact that isn’t made to sit on a work area the entire day. Additionally, most Chromebooks come less expensive than PCs and are intended for online assignments, for example, web perusing, email, or web-based recordings utilizing Chrome OS. 

What are the best brands? 

At present, most Chromebooks accessible in the UK come from Acer, Asus, and HP, just as Google’s exceptional Pixelbook model. Unfortunately, new deliveries like the Samsung Chromebook Pro have not been made ready in the UK yet, and there are no models friendly right now from Lenovo. This restricts the determination you can purchase. 

What amount would it be a good plan for me to pay for Chromebook? 

Financial plan Chromebooks ordinarily cost somewhere in the range of £150 and £600. However, you will anticipate a more modest screen in the lower value range, a marginally less expensive form, and a more fragile processor. 

You will get a sleeker, top-of-the-line machine with an Intel M3 processor at the more excellent cost range. With the other perfection of Chrome OS, this ought to be lightning quick. Nonetheless, you ought to consider if you need to accomplish more than the essential electronic assignments accessible with a Chromebook when going through this much cash. 

If you’re searching for something else, see our advisers for the best gaming workstations and the best PCs to figure out the opposition. 

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose Best Chromebook Under 300? 

Here are not many essential things you should search for before purchasing the best Chromebook under 300


Some Chromebooks accompany Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors. Be that as it may, when you are searching for under 300, you can take an Intel Celeron series or old MediaTek processors. The Intel Celeron N4000 is by all accounts a decent choice for a Chromebook as it needn’t bother with that much crude ability to run electronic applications. 

Illustrations Card

We all realize that devoted designs cards offer better execution contrasted with incorporated GPUs. Nonetheless, a large portion of the Intel processors accompanies a coordinated GPU naturally. Aside from that, you won’t discover any Chromebook with a dedicated GPU at a low spending plan. Besides, I feel there is no requirement for an unrivaled GPU as the pre-provided ones are adequate to satisfy the center motivation behind a Chromebook. 

Slam and Storage

If we investigate the Chromebook class, a large portion of them have just 4GB of RAM or 8GB RAM on perfect quality models. That entity said you could get Chromebooks under 300 that has just 4GB RAM. Actually, like RAM size, Chromebooks likewise incorporate significantly less locally available capacity when contrasted with Windows or MacBooks. Nonetheless, it doesn’t need that much stockpiling when everything is saved money on the cloud, so attempt to choose those models with basically 32GB of interior stockpiling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chromebooks need Internet security? 

Chromebooks are gotten. It doesn’t run with a typical working framework; it utilizes a profoundly reached Google security framework. However, regardless of whether it’s very much prepared for noxious and hurtful sources, it’s ideal for introducing the best firewall applications. Try not to be smug; your information may be in question. 

For what reason are Chromebooks modest? 

Chromebooks are somewhat modest because their OS isn’t that requesting on its equipment. The equipment remembered for the gadget is just the basics. It’s anything but a more modest processor and memory. 

Do Chromebooks need antivirus? 

It relies upon the client. On the off chance that you access numerous destinations that aren’t secure, or assuming you download from outsider sources, yes. In any case, it has some security against infections. 

Which is the best Chromebook with a touchscreen under $300? 

Acer Chromebook Spin 11 is the best Chromebook with a touchscreen under $300. Its 11.6″ IPS show – while being a 10-point touchscreen – will allow you to partake in a sharp and fresh sight and good substance, all while causing it to feel like you’re dealing with a tablet. 

What is the least expensive Chromebook? 

The ASUS 11.6″ Chromebook is a moderate gadget fit for achieving each errand you push in its direction – as long as it isn’t processor substantial.



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