What Should We Learn and Unlearn About Anxiety?

Anxiety, a condition which most of us feel we have from time to time. it is our body’s response to stress. Every day is a new day, marked by uncertainty. Sometimes it can be the … Read More

Learning and Unlearning About the Anxiety

Anxiety, a condition which most of us feel we have from time to time. it is our body’s response to stress. Every day is a new day, marked by uncertainty. Sometimes it can be the stress on the first day of a new job and are anxious about how it will go. Or the first day of school of your child, the anxiety levels are high.  It can be simple things like baking a cake and being anxious about it not rising.

There are things in our everyday life that make us anxious but that is not something to be worried about. It is nothing but natural to feel that way. We are emotional creatures and every one of us has been anxious about something or someone.

However, if feelings of anxiety are starting to get to you and emotionally overwhelm you. if these extreme feelings last more than six months and affect your life. You have an anxiety disorder.

The Mindset on Anxiety

A lot of us feel the pressure of daily life, some more than others. We are all different. Every one of us looks at things from a different perspective. Every individual needs a different type of emotional support.

There is a tendency among many to not take anxiety seriously, even our own. We tend to feel it is something to not be talked about or discussed and shy away from opening up to their mental ordeals.

We need to create a space which gives everyone a chance to be open about our mental problem and seek help when we need it. This is essential in ensuring that help is provided before it leads to further complications.

It is imperative to change the mindset on anxiety.

Kinds of Anxiety Disorders

There are a wide variety of anxiety disorders that can affect people with consistent underlined stress which they have not been able to work through:

Panic Disorders

Certain people tend to experience panic attacks which can occur at any time sometimes without reason. What this leads to is the person being constantly being stressed about the possibility of having a panic attack at any given time.


We all have some sorts of phobias, we might avoid certain situations or activities which scare us, sometimes it can be animals, like spiders or object like clown dolls – it can be anything and everything in between. However, phobias can be considered a disorder if that specific item or situation results in extreme reactions by the person.

Social Anxiety Disorders

These kinds of disorders are characterized by the judgment of others in social settings. It can make people very anxious about attending any activity which involves other people. Simple things like dinners, going to school or work, or even shopping can become a task and have a very negative effect on your life.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

This is where we can’t seem to get certain things out of our heads, we keep thinking about the same person or same object and cannot let it go. This results in unnatural and sometimes dangerous behavior.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

This is the fear of being away from your home or loved ones. For people moving out of their homes to study or work. Individuals have to move to other parts of the world, the separation that comes between loved ones can cause anxiety.

Illness Anxiety Disorder

We have all hear of the term hypochondria, this is what illness anxiety disorder used to be called and is to constantly be stressed about your health and think of the worst possible outcome. With the advent of the internet, people can come with the worst possible diagnosis just by checking online adding to the anxiety.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

These are disorders that follow us after a turbulent or traumatic event. It becomes hard to let go of the memories and move on. To walk forward in life becomes difficult as we are haunted by previous memories and the emotional turmoil that came with it.

Seeking Help

It is imperative to seek help for anxiety disorders to help you cope with them and learn how to not let these disorders get in the way of living your life.

You can get the help of people who you can talk to, a therapist who can help you with understanding your deep-rooted issues, and help you feel better. There are many online options available to book a slot for an appointment with a professional. You can simply talk to them from the comforts of your home.

Some also can prescribe medication to help with your condition. You can utilize the services of an online prescription service that will deliver pre-packaged, sorted medication at your doorstep. It is simple and easy.

It’s All About You

Always remember at the end of the day, you must work through your issues and not let them bog you down. Take help and don’t be embarrassed about asking for it. The help you get today will help you support someone else in the future.

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