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What Should You Expect From An SEO Agency? Which Are The Best NJ Seo Services?


When we consider the digital marketing trends of 2021, we recognize the value of SEO in boosting online visibility. Like every year, this year, too, SEO remains one of the most significant factors that can determine your fate in the space of digitalization.

Did you know 53% of the online traffic comes from Organic Search results? Strategic use of SEO can enable your business to shift its gears and accelerate growth. It is so crucial that 64% of digital marketers devote their time and energy to SEO.

From organically boosting traffic, getting more engagement to greater conversions, SEO holds a firm place in digital marketing, not only in 2021 but also in the coming future. As per the news published in CNBC, by 2025, almost 72.6 percent of internet users will access the web via smartphones!

That means around 3.7 billion people! Therefore, optimizing your website and making it SEO-friendly can help you enhance your website’s user experience and increase your sales too! Apart from that, if we talk about the search engine page results, we see that organic results have a 10x greater probability of getting clicked.

As we progress with new technological advancements, new features and changes in algorithms will be introduced. A few things might get complicated, especially when dealing with Search Engine Optimization.

Thus, as a business owner, you should keep an eye on an agency that can help you implement robust strategies that run parallel to the latest SEO trends in this transforming digital business world, for, e.g., a sudden change in the world of business due to the pandemic.

Therefore, you can’t just hire any agency; for that matter, you have to be cautious about their credibility and the promises they make. Here is a list of qualities that your SEO agency must possess.

1. Make sure your SEO agency has a record of having satisfied clients.

You need to see the proof to believe in them; without considering their records, you shouldn’t put your faith in them. Study more about your agency before taking the final call. Testimonials are a great way to check their past results.

It is pretty evident for an agency to boast a little about themselves; however, we have seen some cheap SEO agencies that can stoop their prices so low in the name of “being the most affordable agency.”

Just remember one thing, you can’t get quality if it’s worth pennies. Therefore, a little investigation won’t hamper your investment. Ensure to cross-check their client base, what companies they have served earlier, read their case studies (if available). Case studies are a great source of credible information because they provide critical insights into their SEO campaigns.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of black hat techniques; Google can cease your website! Before investing in an SEO service company, please make sure that they have served a client that belongs to your niche or industry.

You would be able to ask them relevant questions related to your business goals and expectations. Lastly, never forget to check their reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.

2. Avoid agencies that claim false and impractical promises.

Who doesn’t wants to grab the attention of the viewers on their website? Every business, especially those providing digital marketing solutions, often claims absurd and unreasonable promises to their clients. Many agencies assure you to deliver first-page exposure within a week! A legitimate SEO company won’t offer such lofty promises.

We can say that no SEO agency can guarantee you premium results on few keywords because nobody thoroughly knows what Google expects when it comes to SEO. There are no secret hacks or loopholes; agencies claiming such things should be avoided. Why? The rules and dynamics of SEO are changing every six months.

What used to work a month ago may not deliver the same results now. Additionally, agencies that proudly claim that they can produce accelerated results using SEO strategies are not making any sense because SEO is a time-taking process. The success or progress of your campaign goals depends upon your budget and other factors as well.


3. Is your agency transparent in terms of reporting and progress?

There is no point in spending your money in an agency that cannot deliver monthly reports, progress reports, and new growth possibilities to you.

Client transparency should be one of the top characteristics of a good SEO firm. When it is your money, you ought to know where it’s going. Therefore, trust and transparency are something you should look for.


4. Are they boosting traffic, conversions, etc., using organic SEO?


Scammers are everywhere; several agencies claim to build your campaigns with high-quality SEO strategies, but there are a few of them that may run paid ads in the name of real SEO.

Be cautious of the fact that your money is not going into PPC ads. These paid ads will bring you traffic, targeted audiences, etc., but for a short period. For long-term organic results, you need to adopt SEO tactics for your website.

Concluding thoughts

The number of businesses that are adopting SEO strategies is enormous! Well, brands and companies on the internet have grown exponentially, and so the competition. Therefore, implementing SEO strategies became too mainstream. It has now turned into a dire need for every business. Due to high competitive pressure, changing marketing trends and algorithms, you can’t keep track of the SEO trends.

Thus, you plan to hire an agency. Unfortunately, in digital eCommerce, several service companies lack essential professionalism and skill in SEO. Saffron Edge has been a great SEO agency for more than 500+ brands and enterprises. They have experience of 12+ years now.

If you are looking for a premium SEO agency in NJ, then Saffron Tech should be a perfect choice. They focus on delivering results, they offer a wide range of organic marketing services like SEO, Voice-based search, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Link building, etc.