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What to do if you have a Huawei?


The question that we have been asked the most since Google announced the suspension of the brand’s access to Android updates is What do I do if I have a Huawei ?, followed by Will my Huawei only serve as a paperweight? 

The easy answer, and why you are surely reading this article is: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. And no, your Huawei will not fail or stop serving. This will continue to work as it has been working until now (at least in the short term).

The measures taken by the United States Department of Commerce only limit the sale and export of products and services of North American companies to Huawei as of August 19 (originally it was May 16 but a first extension has already been given).

It does not affect existing users or devices that have already been loaded with Android and other Google services and that are in stores ready for sale.

Huawei itself said it in a statement issued today:

Your information is not going to disappear, your applications are not going to stop working, your cell phone is not going to “go blank.” You will still be able to access Gmail, YouTube, Maps and you can continue downloading applications from the Google Play Store.

What you will not be able to do, if (and only if) this situation continues without a solution after August 19, is to update your operating system and apply patches (update or security) that come directly from Google’s update system. Nor will you be able to access new versions of these applications directly through the Play Store.

In the first case, the most predictable solution is for Huawei to send these updates (once they are available via the Android Open Source Program) directly to the devices. And in the second, the installation and update of applications must be done through the Huawei application store, through an APK that you can download or use a side loader, as is done today to install Fortnite on the vast majority of Android devices.

Some precautions

It is best to validate which updates, both for the operating system and its applications, are available for your device and install them as soon as possible. In this way, it guarantees that it will have the latest version of all at the time the restriction takes effect (if Huawei, the Chinese Government and the North American Government do not reach an agreement previously).

The second recommendation is that you make a backup, or rather periodic backups of your information, your photos and contacts in such a way that you have a copy in a case for some reason your equipment fails and it is not possible to reinstall it after the August 19

The third is that you don’t believe everything you hear out there. Huawei is a very important customer for many North American companies and losing it can cost them and the economy of that country billions of dollars and the loss of millions of jobs associated with the sales that companies like Intel and Qualcomm make to the Chinese giant. . The pressure to find a negotiated solution to this situation will not come only from the East but from the same North American companies (including Google itself) who lose the opportunity to reach the billions of users of Huawei devices in the world.

The fourth, and last, is to stay informed of the progress of this commercial dispute between the government of President Trump.