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What To Do if You’ve Locked Your Keys In The Car?

car lockout service
car lockout service

Have you ever been locked out of your car right when you are ready to leave for home or in the middle of nowhere? Of course, we all have been in such a situation at least once without any access to a car lockout service nearby.

In case such a situation comes up and you cannot find any emergency car locksmith, then the following tips and tricks will come in handy to open your locked car door.

How to open locked car doors without assistance?

The exact method that will turn out to be useful for opening your locked car is dependent on the availability of the tools and make and model of your car. Read below to find out what you can do according to the things at your disposal.

1. Get a tennis ball

Yes, an actual tennis ball can rescue you from a situation where your car is locked with keys inside. Puncture a hole in the ball and then use it to push the car’s keyhole. The pressured air from inside the ball should open the door.

2. Untie your shoelace

This trick may require some practice and is only capable of opening pull car locks. One major advantage of this trick is that everyone has shoelaces at their disposal; right in their shoes.

Make a small loop using the shoelace and push it on the car door. Tie the loops across the lock and gently pull it in the opposite direction.

3. Grab a clothing hanger

Hangers can open car locks that are horizontal. Unwind the hanger by twisting it, turn it into a hook, and use it to open the lock by pulling.

4. Get a screwdriver and a rod

Screwdrivers can put scratches on your car doors hence, use the tool very carefully while opening the car locks. Use the screwdriver to make some space between the lock and with the help of a rod push the lock to open it.

5. Get a kitchen spatula

Use the spatula to open the car lock by wedging the door in an open state and lift up the lock. This is a great technique to open the locked door if you are at home and don’t have any spare keys.

6. Find a wedge that can be inflated

An inflatable wedge will work similarly to a screwdriver. The wedge uses air to push the locked car door open rather than the rod.

This is a highly useful tip to open the car door in a matter of minutes. Use an inflatable wedge if you do not want to put scratches on your car door with a screwdriver. However, the inflatable wedge is  an expensive item. It is better if you already have it in your home.

7. Get a plastic strip

Find a strip made of plastic, mold it a little in U-shape, put it in the car door’s jamb, and lift the car lock open. This has to be one of the easiest methods.

8. Get assistance from people around

It is not incumbent upon you to open the lock all by yourself. If there are people around you, there is no harm in asking for assistance. Maybe someone has a tool that can help.

9. Keep a proper lock opening tool with you

If you can foresee a situation where you may get locked out of your car then invest in a proper lock picking tool and keep it out of your car.

10. Contact a nearby emergency locksmith service

Always keep the contact of an emergency locksmith in your phone. Verify the credibility and reputation of this locksmith beforehand.

Before You Go…

Before we conclude this article, it is important to warn you all about a common trick used by thieves. If you ever locate a coin in your car door handle, immediately report it to the local authorities. There are high chances that someone has attempted to intrude into your vehicle. A coin placed over your car lock is a sign of concern.

Try out any of the above techniques to open your locked car using the general household items. We are sure none of these tips will fail you.