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What to Do When Your Tenants Ask For the Rent Relief

Tenants Ask For the Rent Relief

Your renters are struggling to pay the rent and call you again and again to get the relaxation, then it is the situation that will be really challenging. You need to make this situation perfectly handled and for the same, the right strategies only help you out. You can be bothered to get such calls because this is part of becoming the landlord and you have to be positive for all the sections.

When you receive the request like getting yourself free from the rent and more, then you should think about the balancing of financial things and to do the same, knowing the lease will be highly needed along with the others. As per the terms of the same, the steps should be implemented and this helps you to get the solution that you are opting for. You are not sure about the same, then you just check the below article.


1.     Lease review

You as the landlord need to do the reviewing of the lease perfectly. You should be aware of every term about the responsibilities, rent structure, critical dates, and more. This will give you the idea of the responsibilities and rights and handling the rest will be easier for sure.

2.     Know the financial condition of the renters

You should verify the financial condition of the renters. If the renters are not providing the certificate of their income and still, they are asking for rent relief, then you just convey the message that without providing the same, the request can’t be applied. So, this is highly needed that you coordinate with the renters and after that, if you really find that the income is declined but still, they pay the rent and keep asking to provide the relaxation, then you can do the negotiation. But if anything is missed, then you just ask them to clear on those points and then make the move. As you have to give clarification to everything related to the property management Howard County and more, the renters have to give the same to you. So, you just know the details about the same and then think when you find the problem is really genuine.

3.     Market research

You should do market research as well. If you really find that the market is also not so cool and the rent is deducted, then you can think about the rent relief. But along with the same, you should calculate other costs related to the apartments for rent in Howard County Maryland because your financial condition also matters. After all those things, if you find that the market is really suffering, and also the renters should have a valid reason to ask for the rent relief, then considering the application will be the right decision.

Determine the rent relief structure

When you find the claim is perfect, then you should understand that how much it will be. For the same, you can consider the below thing:

  1. You as the landlord can agree to decrease the rent for the timing, so that they can do the needful to increase their income and things can be normalized.
  2. You can ask your renters to pay the rent for the weekly, so that they can do the needful and the process becomes easier. This can also help both of you to witness the situation that will be less in a headache.
  3. You can also allow your renters to stop paying for the timing and after the same; you take the assurance that they will pay the rest. Surely, this way, the solution you get will be perfect for you.

Clean up the lease

When you give such a facility to your renters, then mentioning the same to the lease will be highly needed. It is true that offering the benefits in this way allows you to set the terms that will provide the benefits as well. You can make the changes, particularly when you give the facility of rent decreasing and more.

  1. The landlord can terminate the lease after providing the facility in between 30 days to 60 days, and he or she has all the rights of that.
  2. When the tenants will not give the rent for the more times, then the landlord has all the right to market and show the property to the prospective tenants or buyers.
  3. If the renters go for the bankruptcy, then before going for the same, you can use the security deposit as per your collection of rent and this should be done before processing for the same.

Well, these are the most common factors that the landlord should use for protecting the investment from the loss and handle the request of rent relief. All the best!