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What to Look Out For When Buying Fishing Sunglasses



Do you love the outdoors and you are fond of fishing? If the answer is yes, then a pair of fishing sunglasses is indispensable. But before heading out into the boating or fishing zone, you might want to consider how good your sunglasses are. They should protect you from harmful UV rays and at the same time allow you to have good vision when you fish.

There are many types of fishing sunglasses available in the market today. There are the wide-angle or over-the-shoulder types, the shallow-water or inshore styles and the waterfront varieties. All of them come with a protective coating that helps reduce glare. Polarized fishing sunglasses will block out the UVA and UVB rays to keep it away from harming your eyes while still allowing it to shine through to illuminate the water. UV rays can also harm several parts of your eye such as damage your cornea, which is the outermost transparent part of your eyeball.

Another factor that you might want to consider is clarity. The clearer your eye’s field gets, the easier it is for you to focus on a specific spot and for you to capture even just a very small detail of a target. For this particular feature, there are two types available in the market today. One is called the heavy-duty tr-90 lined which has a dual layered lens that offers great clarity. And the other is the norm that comes with standard heavy-duty lenses but with lesser clarity.

When choosing fishing sunglasses, it would be best to look at the frame material. You can choose from polycarbonate, carbon-fiber composites and glass. Among these, the most popular is the glass frame material because of its lightweight, high quality construction and excellent scratch resistance. Among the two, the carbon-fiber composites are the more expensive. However, it offers similar benefits such as scratch resistance, durability and wide color visibility.

Some of the other features to look out for in your pair of fishing sunglasses include the amount of peripheral vision. You can find a pair that offers 100 yards of peripheral vision or even more. This would be useful if you like to use your fishing rod from further distances. You can also choose from a matte black frame to complement your sunglasses. Generally, this pair includes a plastic temple that houses the power button, temple clip and temple strap.

A pair of fishing sunglasses would usually come with a pair of rubberized sunglass casings. These casings are made from a polycarbonate material that provides excellent protection against water splashes. Some of these come with a heavy-duty tr-90 nylon frame material as well. The polycarbonate material is also highly scratch resistant, making it ideal for outdoor conditions. One reason why manufacturers opt to use this heavy-duty material is because it is cheaper than other frame materials.

Another feature to look out for in a pair of fishing sunglasses is lens curvature. This feature determines the brilliance of light and how it will impact your view when you look through the lens. Polarized lenses provide better clarity without affecting color accuracy. A pair of polarized glasses is usually preferred over regular non-polarized sunglasses because they will provide better vision underwater. Additionally, the tr-90 nylon frame material helps improve the lens curvature.

One thing to consider when buying your own pair of sunglasses is whether or not you want them to be prescription lenses. Though many people do not prefer having their eyes tested, some individuals do find it comfortable to wear prescription sunglasses while fishing. It really all depends on your own preference and comfort level when it comes to wearing sunglasses. Some people may like the idea of being able to see clearly into the water but may not enjoy the uncomfortable fit that can make sunglasses difficult to wear. As long as you know what you want and need from your fishing sunglasses, finding one that meets your needs will be relatively easy.