Home Business What Will be The Appropriate Choice for the Business Phone Number?

What Will be The Appropriate Choice for the Business Phone Number?

What Will be The Appropriate Choice for the Business Phone Number?

Have you ever wanted to know how to centralize communication between your company’s telephone lines, optimize service, and organize the flow of calls? The extension system brings all these advantages with dynamism and efficiency, besides helping you to reduce expenses. If you need to integrate communication from different locations as if they were in the same place, here we tell you a little about the extension Business Phone number and how it works. Follow the thread.

How Does an Extension Work?

Unlike telephone extensions, which connect two devices on the same telephone line, sharing the call progress with both parties, extensions provide the call routing and privacy for each workstation in your company. It also holds back the flow of calls that happen simultaneously if you are on another call, creating a queue. Thus, it speeds up the service and frees you from the inconvenience of a busy line that prevents other customers from communicating with you. In addition, through the URA system, which offers the possibility of interactive menus, you can previously analyze the information received to personalize the service, effectively guiding the customer to the extension that meets their needs. It’s a beautiful way to reduce your employee’s average time while keeping your customer happy. Everyone wins.

After All, How Do I Have A Telephone Extension System?

Extension telephone is nothing more than a branch system (yes, that’s where the name came from!) that departs from a switch to specific points. The primary step in having the extension in your company is to find the best form of communication that fits your needs. Distribution can occur from a telephone exchange or PABX and via a VoIP platform, integrating communication from several extensions in the same place or even to offices in different physical locations. If you don’t know much about PABX, you can find out more about the features of this system and its functionality. Currently, the technology that stands out in this scenario, delivering an exemplary extension operation and offering excellent call quality, free of noise and robotic voices, is the URA (Audible Response Unit) or, in English, IVR (Interactive Voice Response). In addition to the basics for telephone service: answering, transferring, and hanging up, this system also offers excellent autonomy, integrating with several other techniques that make it possible for the customer to solve their needs by themselves, often without needing the help of an attendant.

Benefits the Extension System Provides

Probably one of the extension’s significant advantages, in addition to those presented to you so far, is its ease of implementation. No drilling through walls and running dozens of wires along the way. Activating an extension through the IVR system is extremely simple and practical; go to your communication platform, configure the feature, and adjust it to your device. Another precious function when using the extension system is call recording and organizing. It enables the creation of a compelling phone book based on the data collected daily. You have at hand, in real-time, information that will allow you to analyze and structure your business according to the profile of users who call your company. So, taking advantage of this technology in your business one can get services from the Ooma alternatives and other companies.