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What You Need to Know About MRF Cricket Bats


MRF Cricket Bats are top-notch bats made exclusively by MRF Group, the world leader in sports goods. MRF Cricket equipment are available in many different ranges and price brackets, allowing you to get a great game-ready bat at just about any conceivable level. MRF has been synonymous with top-quality cricket equipment for decades, and is a huge name in cricket circles.

MRF cricket bat feature an MRF Professional Traced Finish, which is anodised aluminum which has been specifically treated to resist corrosion. The barrel is hex-plated, providing maximum resistance to rusting. The barrel and entire bat are precision-made and have a one-piece, self-adjusting, fully lockable, fully welded construction. MRF bats feature an oval handle with the standard flat top, giving them a very sleek, refined look. They are made in three different weights, to suit different player styles.

Recommendation of Players

I would recommend these bats for those players who play all their shots from off stump or away post. Although I feel this is a good balance between weight and power, most players would recommend that you start off with a lighter bat and work your way up. However, if you are the sort of player who plays their shots from long-on and short-on, I wouldn’t go too heavy on the MRF bats. The main benefit of the lighter bat is the reduction in bat weight, leading to increased bat speed. Also, if you’re not very athletic but plays a lot of cricket, I would recommend that you go for a lighter model and you will get used to how it feels.

A knock-in is the term used to describe a high quality cricket bat that features a weighted toe and notches in the length. The knock-in is probably the most difficult type of MRF bat to hit. The bat ends up over the ball when hit off the bat. This is why most bats do not feature the toe area for the sole of the clubface. Toe tops usually feature a steel plate to add extra strength to the toe area.

MRF English willow

If you want a bat that offers a compact feel, then the MRF English willow is definitely worth looking at. The willow is great for players who prefer to bat at the slower ball speeds, because the MRF English willow is one of the fastest bats in its class. It’s not the cheapest bat, but it is well worth the investment. There are actually two types of English windows, the classic and the genius 360 cricket bat 2021. The genius 360 cricket bat has received rave reviews from experts and cricket fans alike.

The MRF limited edition cricket bats are built to improve upon the performance of last years models. With the new lightweight construction and optimized weight distribution, the MRF limited edition bat is capable of producing more power and faster ball speeds. The balance of the bat is such that it provides excellent accuracy at all times. The MRF limited edition cricket bat is available in three different sizes: the mini, the standard, and the large.

MRF cricket bats feature a finger guard

All MRF cricket bats feature a finger guard which protects the fingers during play. The finger guard also helps prevent injury to young children playing with a traditional wooden bat. These junior cricket bats have an effective height range for younger players and are manufactured using a durable rubber core for maximum grip during play. The finger guard can be easily changed out for optimal comfort and to increase the bat’s versatility.

Overall, the MRF bat line features a wide variety of bats which all have their own strengths and weaknesses. For more help in choosing a bat, check out our extensive bat reviews. If you need additional assistance in deciding which bat style would best suit your needs, contact a bat specialist at a MRF bat store or visit our online store today. You’ll find the perfect MRF cricket bat that would best meet your individual batting requirements.