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WhatsApp For Business – The What, The Why And The How


WhatsApp Business API

Marketing messages are complex, right? But they shouldn’t have to be. Allow us to introduce you to your most favourite business app for customer relationships: WhatsApp. People love messengers; now, even business correspondence is taken to messengers. It’s fast, handy, and that’s why so many brands move beyond online chats and open a WhatsApp account. While putting Whatsapp messenger into business processes, these brands create possibilities for further growth. Billions of people use platforms such as social media, email services, and WhatsApp, and tapping into these services is a tremendously excellent business move. 

What is Whatsapp Business?

WhatsApp Business uses the extensive user base of the instant messaging application to help businesses interact with their clients. According to the statistics unveiled by WhatsApp, people are looking to communicate with more than just their friends. Messaging with companies is becoming more and more prevalent all around the world. Whatsapp Business is customised for business purposes exclusively to interact with customers efficiently. 

It enables you to offer personal customer support to your audience with automated messages and chatbot-like capabilities. So, if you’re launching a new product, WhatsApp Business can automatically send the news you’ve created to the customers you select. It can help you connect with your clients and assist them with immediate, personalised customer service. 

Benefits of WhatsApp For Business 

Easy Two-Way Communications

WhatsApp Business provides companies with a way to engage in two-way messaging with clients through an app they’re likely already using for daily chat conversations. Adopting WhatsApp for business means you are migrating to a platform where a majority of your consumers are present. The app allows companies a convenient and personal gateway to a variety of customer communications and campaigns.

Global Reach

WhatsApp is the most successful messaging app in over 100 countries, with a customer base across the globe of more than 2 billion, making it an impeccable channel for businesses to reach captive audiences. This phenomenal popularity should be a reason enough for you to adopt WhatsApp for Business.

Automated Messaging

Never miss a message again! Automated messaging enables you to respond to customers 24*7, so customers never feel abandoned or neglected. Creating a welcome greeting for new customers’ messages helps your brand promote goodwill while providing introductory details about your company. More time-saving messages include: notifying customers of wait times, follow-ups with links to FAQ resources, prompting users to schedule a time to chat, etc. 

Private and Secure Gateway for Messaging

One of the most remarkable privileges of WhatsApp Business is its strict attention to shielding subscriber privacy and end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and your customer can read the messages transmitted through the app. No uninvited eyes are looking into it. The appeal for all WhatsApp users is obvious: consumers want a simple but secure way to connect with businesses they wish to engage in and interact with.


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