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When to Replace Your Boiler to Avoid Expensive Repairs?

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Frequently measured at the core of the home, your boiler can subsidize up to 60% of your energy bills, and that’s why these main employments must be fine-taken care of. By guaranteeing that your boiler is in good condition, you will have a better quality of heating and hot water, a condensed carbon footprint with the following discounts in energy bills, well levels of energy efficiency, and eventually, peace of mind about a boiler or Plumbing Hedge End you can depend on.

Perfect time to Replace Your Boiler

Boiler replacement is not a straightforward procedure and you want to consider numerous factors when approaching this task. That’s why it’s significant to identify when to replace your boiler. There are key gauges for this and we converse each one in more detail below.

1. Your boiler is very old

While your boiler might be working as usual, after 10 to 15 years of use, it’s time you reflect a replacement. The purpose for this is that older appliances are frequently less competent than newer, more environmental options. Chance is that your old boiler loses compression now and then and frequently requires repair of internal parts.

2. There are noticeable leaks

There are numerous motives why your boiler might be leaking. These are associated with a boiler pressure valve fault, rust in the system or the heat exchanger, temperature valve problems, loose pipe gears or broken seals in the boiler pump, and others.

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3. Does it frequently want repairs?

If you’re paying good money to have your boiler fixed more than a few times a year, the chances are that you’re pitching your money away. Boilers should run efficiently for up to 15 years, and not be exposed to continuous repairs. Add to this energy wastefulness and higher electricity bills, and you must know it’s time to discover a boiler engineer to replace your boiler.

4. Eccentric smells and noises

If your boiler is making odd noises or producing odd smells, this is a strong sign that there are internal complications with your boiler and you’ll want to have it repaired or replaced.

5. Patterned the flame’s colour

A yellow colour flame is a symbol of carbon monoxide being discharged into your home. This is perilous and can reason indications like dizziness, nausea, headaches, and others. Preferably, the flame should constantly be blue, and if it isn’t, you’ve got a problem with your indicators.

6. Variations in water temperature

When using water equipment, such as taps, baths, or showers, all over your home and you notice oscillations in temperature, it may be time to have your boiler re-pressurized. And if that doesn’t work, reflect replacing your appliance.

7. Low-efficiency assessments

In short, a less effective boiler (G-rated, for example) charges you more than an A-rated one. This is for it takes too long to heat your water, producing incompetence in the system itself. Getting an A-rated boiler is not only upright for the environment but will also help you with your energy bills. Thus, considering the boiler efficiency ratings is a vital step towards your right decision.

8. Your bills are means too high

You can save up to about £450 per year on energy bills if you replace your old boiler with an up-to-date, condensing boiler. High energy bills are an additional symbol that your boiler may require replacement.

Time Duration it Takes to Fit a New Boiler:

There’s no straightforward answer to this query, as it will rely on several factors. These consist of whether you’re moving your boiler, whether you already have a boiler, what kind of fuel is being used, what sort of boiler is being fitted. As well, ask yourself whether you’re changing the category of boiler and what’s the precise type you are changing to and from the Plumbing Hedge End. And let’s not disremember the complications in your home that are connected to your water supply. Given all this, there are some signs of the time frame for fitting a new boiler. On average, a new boiler installation can take everything from six hours to 4 days to be done.


The permanency of your boiler is a contributing factor to your composure when it comes to your home’s coziness. Though, certain difficulties may arise, which may mean you want to replace your boiler. Also if you feel that your boiler is in good condition and you just need to repair or wanna fix all the things , you just have to call Emergency Electrical Services. In this article, we’ve enclosed some of the most significant telltale signs of requiring to replace your boiler, as well as the overall time frames for fitting and installing a new boiler. If you decided to get your unit changed, don’t hesitate and book a qualified boiler installation service.