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Where Can I Buy Bitcoin in Arab?


Where can I buy bitcoins in Arab? That’s a good question. As you may know, there are many “alt” currencies out there that trade for the U.S. dollar, including; the Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Malaysian ringgits, Indian rupees, and the Australian dollar. Many people have become interested in learning how they can buy these digital currencies, for obvious reasons. But, they need to find a place where they can buy them from, in their own country or elsewhere.

Exchanges Operating

There are several places to buy bitcoin in Dubai, as well as other locations throughout the world. The most popular exchanges are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the largest exchanges operating within the United Arab Emirates (UAL). So, how do people do it?

Services Charge

The most popular way to buy cryptosurfers in the U.A.E. is to go through one of the larger exchanges such asbitpond or bitpond. These are typically websites that buy and sell currencies, but also allow their clients to buy and sell currencies from anywhere else. While these services charge high fees, many people find it worth it when they consider the ease and convenience of using this type of service. In addition to trading fees, they also usually have a small set-up fee which also makes them appealing to traders who don’t want to deal with any brokers or middlemen.

Payment Methods

One of the largest problems that can arise when you buy bitcoins in the Arab Middle East are problems with payment methods. Most places which offer the option to pay for transactions with local currency do so through credit cards or debit cards. While both of these payment methods are secure, they can be vulnerable to fraud and scam. This is why you should take steps to become one of the first people to use these options when buying and selling currencies in the area.

Because of their legal status in the Arab Middle East, few local exchanges actually allow buying and selling cryptosurfers. This means that you will need to either use cash or wire transfer services to buy or sell any given currency pair. While some Dubai based businesses do have physical shops that allow you to trade with their coins, many are instead operated online. If you would like to trade in the area, you may be able to find stores that do have physical space which will allow you to trade, but you will likely need to use a foreign exchange broker to accomplish this.

High Transaction

Credit card and debit card payment options are often the preferred method of payment when you are abroad. However, even with this payment method you can run into problems. Cryptocurrency brokers work to ensure your transaction is secure, so it is possible for them to charge high transaction fees to cover their commission. In addition, banks in the region may not support this particular form of payment. Instead, they may force you to use a cryptobank or an exchange.

Internet Based Exchange

If you do not want to deal with brokers or banks, the only other option for you to buy and sell currencies in the area is to go through an Internet based exchange. Just like the US dollar and Euro against many other currencies in the world, the Dubai dar Bahah is backed by the Dubai Exchange Market. This marketplace serves as an online alternative to traditional online forex exchanges like those in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and others. This gives you the ability to buy and sell Dubaiiins and BitOasis at the same place without having to leave the comfort of your abode.


Where can I buy Bitcoin in Arab? Your best option would be to go through one of the available online Dubai currency exchanges that are fully supported by the Dubai government. There are a handful of these available, including eToro, who have both a merchant account and a buy and sell option with both the EUR and the USD pair. You should note that Bitfinex is a Dubai-based exchange that also works with both the EUR and the USD. When you are looking for places to buy and sell ether or any other virtual currency, be sure to look for a marketplace that is fully regulated and whose terms of service are appealing to you.