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Which Places Are More Prone To Motorcycle Accidents?


Motorcycle accidents are very prevalent in the United States. These accidents can range from minor collisions to life-threatening crashes. Motorcycle accidents can be more fatal than car accidents. This is because, in a car, the driver is still inside the vehicle and is protected by a layer. However, that is not the case in a motorcycle.

We cannot eliminate the use of motorcycles just because they are more dangerous. However, we can take specific steps to prevent collisions. One of these steps is determining where motorcycle accidents commonly take place and understanding the reasons behind them. However, if you have already sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation.

Places that are prone to motorcycle accidents

  • Intersections.

According to the NHTSA, 35% of the total motorcycle crashes happen at intersections. The factor that causes accidents at intersections is speed. At intersections, you are required to take extra care to determine the right of way and recognize low-profile motorcyclists that may be approaching.

Accidents in an intersection may occur in the following two ways.

  • Left turning cars

When a vehicle is at an intersection and is waiting to turn left, it can be dangerous for the oncoming motorcyclists. The car may not see the motorcycle coming and attempt to turn left, causing a severe or fatal crash.

  • Rear-end accidents

A car or another vehicle can hit a motorcycle while waiting at a stop sign at an intersection. Unlike an enclosed car, a motorcycle does not provide enough protection from the force of a rear-end crash. The occupant of the motorcycle may be sent flying off into the traffic and suffer serious injuries. 

  • Non-Interstate roads. 

The same NHTSA report shows that interstate roads see fewer motorcycle accidents than non-interstate ones. This is because motorcyclists often ride on non-interstate roads to enjoy the landscape and scenery rather than get to their locations quickly. Moreover, most motorcyclists ride the vehicle for pleasure rather than for business. As non-interstate roads are more frequented by motorcyclists, more accidents occur there. 

  • Freeways.

Drivers often do not see a motorcyclist approaching from behind on a freeway. This is the number one reason for motorcycle accidents on the freeways; however, there are other reasons as well. Debris from vehicles, including cargo spills, rubber blown from tires, and trash can also cause deadly road accidents. When motorcyclists come in contact with road debris, they lose control of the vehicle. The poor condition of the roads is another significant reason.