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Who is Ajit Prabhu?


An Indian entrepreneur, chairperson, and CEO of QuEST Global, Ajit Prabhu. Let’s go back to Ajit Prabhu’s background. An enthusiastic young lad. Who wants to accomplish as much as possible. Ajit Prabhu wants to excel in engineering. Which was his dream. To fulfill his dreams, he aimed to continue his learning in engineering. Ajit completed his Bachelor’s from the College of Engineering and Technology at Hubi. Where he studied Mechanical Engineering. During his bachelor’s, he had the quest to gain more knowledge. Then, for higher education, he went to Old Dominion University, for a master’s degree. Ajit Prabhu’s journey of learning was not limited to a master’s degree. But his interest in learning takes him into New York. To get more exposure to his field and gain knowledge. There he did another Master’s in Bio Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ajit Prabhu’s Contributions towards society

After completing his academics, Ajit had the urge to implement his knowledge in engineering. Then, he started working at General Electric’s corporate research and Development Centre while living in New York. Ajit Prabhu provided his services to power generation, locomotive and appliances, engineering problems, and aircraft. These are some of these major services. However, his contribution was exceptional. Ajit Prabhu worked really hard to give out his best to the firm. In between his academic and work life, he received many awards and honors. Which tells his companion and loyalty towards his goals.

Since the start, he has had an entrepreneurial approach. While doing the job, he wanted to do something larger than what he was doing then. After returning to his motherland. He had the vision to implement his knowledge and work experience to benefit his country’s people. It was difficult to start an organization and leave the job. But his visions supported him to gather the courage to start his own firm. He launched QuEST Global in 1997. Which provides the services of development in product and production engineering. The company enables Fortune 500 companies to change their perception in the marketplace. QuEST Global helps to transform the market and increase the profitability of Fortune 500 companies.

How Ajit Prabhu Foundation help the society?

Now the companies with national and foreign intelligent brains. Which are working day and night to provide the best engineering facilities to people. While working as an entrepreneur, Ajit Prabhu always had a soft corner for his country’s people. He wanted to grow as a nation. Where everyone may gain education and live on their own. This was another challenging task for him. He started his foundation in 2016. In which he helped underprivileged people to gain higher education and learn skills. Which will help to make their own survival. Many students got enabled with unique skills. They got educated in medicine, management, engineering, and so on.

The Ajit Prabhu foundation assured no one is inferior and superior to get an education. Anyone can learn if he got the right guidance. The vision of the foundation is to eradicate poverty from the country. Educate children as much as possible. Only then, a country can prosper as a nation.