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Who is your worst enemy?


The life of a common man is under a serious threat and you need to know who is getting thirsty for your blood. Even the ancient War Guru San Tzu has asked you to ‘know thy enemy’. So Is it an opportunist colleague of yours or some jealous relative? Or an agent of a secret agency wearing a suit and tie running desperately to take your life? Or some enemy country ready to hit you with their nuclear weapon.? Well, no. It is actually the mosquito. Yes, you read it right. Mosquito is the worst enemy you have on earth. It does not kill you with automatic weapons. It hums in your ears and then lands on your skin to inject the deadly viruses into your bloodstream.

Mosquitoes are known as vectors – living things that carry transmit diseases between animals and humans. According to World Health Organization, nearly 1 million people die every year due to mosquito-borne diseases. As per estimates, a child dies every 30 seconds due to a mosquito bite. You are more likely to lose your life to a tiny mosquito than being killed by a cold-blood murderer. So get up, Call the Disinfection Service ASAP and get rid of these deadly creatures.

Mosquitoes are not restricted to any particular area. They are spread all over the world. Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, Dubai is no safe from mosquitoes either. But don’t panic. There are a lot of pest control companies Dubai that can disinfect your surroundings efficiently using different techniques. The threat by mosquitoes is imminent but the solution is also in your hands. There are two ways to get rid of mosquitoes i.e. Repellents and Killers. Killing these tiny barely-visible to sight insects one by one is a herculean task. You can get rid of mosquitoes either by yourself using do-it-yourself DIY methods or seek the help of professionals to mitigate the effects of mosquitoes in your daily life.

Mosquito Repellents:-

Source Reduction

Usually, mosquitoes breed on stagnant water, ponds, clogged gutter, and wastage grounds. You can effectively minimize the presence of mosquitoes by clearing stagnant water; proper waste disposal, timely cleaning of gutters and drainage ditches.

Natural Oils

Mosquitoes are sensitive to smell. You can use several natural oils as mosquito repellents to keep them away such as Neem Oil, Fennel oil, etc. Though the efficacy of natural oils against mosquitoes is not scientifically proven it is based on the personal experiences of many.

Chemical Lotion and Sprays

Developed by local pest control companies Dubai, there are many chemical sprays available that can keep mosquitoes at bay. The healthcare industry has produced repellent lotions that are safe to use on skin to shoo away the mosquitoes.


The use of a thin net is also an effective method to repel mosquitoes. You can make safe zones in your house with the use of a net. There are net covers readily available in the market to pull over before sleeping to have a peaceful night.


Wear long sleeves; use socks; cover the bare parts of your body if you are planning to go out.

Mosquito Killers 

If the repellents don’t work, then it is time to restore to a more proactive approach. Use Physical methods to kill mosquitoes.

Bug Zappers

Use bug zappers to control the influx of mosquitoes in your surroundings. Bug Zappers emit extra light UV rays to kill mosquitoes and other bugs.

Fogging Treatment 

The treatment is used bypest control companies Dubaito get rid of mosquitoes for the long term. The foggers either use Thermal Fogging or ULV fogging. The treatment is usually carried out by experts using specific types of equipment.


Larvicides are the method used by pest control experts to target the mosquitoes at the larval stage. It is the use of a toxic spray to kill the larva of mosquitoes hidden in breeding dens.

Prevent Eggs From Hatching

It is the use of the extensive spray in the breeding season of the mosquitoes. Following the ‘kill-them-before-they-lay-eggs’ strategy, the method uses the application of such microbial insecticide products that cause mosquito mortality in their water environments.

Why Pest Control?

There are a lot of motivational speakers who would influence you to take the matter into your hands. But we would strongly recommend you to take the help of pest control companies to control the mosquito problem in your area. The rigorous killing of mosquitoes is something that is you cannot do it on your own and requires the help of Disinfection Service.