Home Business Why 3D Animation Is Gaining Popularity In These Times

Why 3D Animation Is Gaining Popularity In These Times

Why 3D Animation Is Gaining Popularity In These Times

With technology spreading its wings on the world we have seen almost everything in action which would have been impossible to think a decade ago. We have indeed come a long way and along with it, we have discovered a lot of cool techs that are now helping us in many ways. Remember the cartoons we used to watch when we were kids, have you ever wondered how they were made and brought into action? The latest video games nowadays, how are they possible? The outstanding movies with animated characters and objects, how are they working? It is made possible with the help of 3D animation.

Well, if you ask me, this is an art. Beautiful breathtaking art that has changed the perspective of the animation world forever. Let us take a look at what animation was in the past. In traditional times the frames were drawn from hand and then portrayed in such a way that it gave away the illusion of a continuous sensation. Then this technology got advanced and we saw 2D animation in the action for so long.

The animations made in 2D were welcomed by the public greatly but since the time 3D animations came into action, it was all over. 3D animation is a process of making the objects and characters move in three dimensions just like the real world. The 3D animation design agency makes several 3D animations for various clients on a daily basis.

The Scope Of 3D Animation Nowadays

The peak of animation right now is 3D animation. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if you use 3D animation. Here are some areas in which 3D animation is richly used.

  • Television shows
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Virtual Reality

It is also used in presentations, marketing videos, and small promotional videos. The fact that people are more interested in visual content than any other, 3D animated projects always steals the show. Remember the movie Avatar? The reason it got famous around the world was the fact that it was made animated. The public reacted greatly at how things worked in the movie and after that, a lot of directors and producers started working on animated projects which proved to be vital for them. 

It Is A Great Way Of Storytelling

As mentioned earlier, people love to watch visual content more than any other. The written content is not as effective as visual content but then again it is not for everyone. A lot of people love reading but keeping in mind that generally, people do not have time to read. This is the reason why videos always have much more interaction as compared to written content.

If you have a story and you want it to share with the people then your best tool is a 3D animated video. Voice in the background and actions on the screen can do wonders for the viewers. If I speak for myself I always end up watching the videos that tell stories in the best way possible. The emotion and the user’s attention stays till the end which is very pivotal.

The 3D Animator’s Job

The first thing that is needed at the job of a 3D animator is an eye for art. Art is the basic and foundation to become a 3D animator. A lot of people think that animation is an easy task but the fact is that not everybody can be a 3D animator. These animations are used everywhere starting from advertisements to movies.

Just because it is in great demand, the demand for 3D animators increases subsequently. It is not a surprise that a lot of people who are good at sketching or art are selected for 3D animation jobs. Anyone can learn the software on which the animations are made but not everyone has a creative mind. There are some qualities that you must have if you want to become a 3D animator.

  • Patience

The 3D animator has to be patient as the learning period can be tempting and complex. Once the required skill set is there, you can become the best at the job.

  • Sharpness

You have to be sharp enough to analyze the patterns of the latest trends and then with a pinch of creativity, you can do wonders.

  • The Quality Of Taking Criticism

There will indeed be a lot required and expected from you at the job. You can not be perfect on your first day and there will be a criticism of your work by the clients. Take that and work to improve yourself instead of being disheartened.


3D animation is the future for so many industries and a lot of people have realized it. The ones who know it’s worth are already working on how to use it for their benefit. The technology of animation has indeed evolved a lot and it has been doing wonders for us. We hope to see a lot more discoveries in this field. As a 3D animation design agency that works day and night to fulfill the needs that are required, we see a range of animations daily that do not fail to amaze us.