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Why And How To Embed Instagram Feeds In Shopify



Embed Instagram Feeds on Shopify

With the growing rage of social media marketing, Instagram marketing is turning to the most popular social media channel to promote, advertise, and run marketing campaigns to reach more target audiences.

Shopify Store owners can also leverage their sales with social posts from Instagram. Instagram will retrieve enormous benefits to Shopify Store owners in many ways and with a high return on investment.

With over one billion active users on Instagram, businesses and brands have exceptional opportunities to leverage their marketing efforts by integrating Instagram into their Shopify Store.

If you are still doubtful about how Instagram is useful for your business and increase profit with Shopify Store, then give this blog an entire read.

Let’s get started!

Why Should Shopify Owners Embed Instagram Feeds On Shopify Store?

#1 Build Social Proof Of Your Brand

People like to hear from their friends and real-life customers about the product instead of the brand. When employing an Instagram post on your Shopify Store featuring your product, give your potential customers a look to check what social media users say about the product.

Instagram Posts build a social proof of your product. It will give your audience an idea about the popularity of your products on Instagram.

Furthermore, people check reviews before buying a product. Hence, providing them with social proof helps them make an informed purchase decision.

#2 Drive More Traffic On Your Store

Next, Instagram feeds on your Shopify Store help you increase traffic as well as boost customer engagement. It is one of the greatest benefits of using Instagram feeds as every business wants more and more audience on its product page.

Instagram integration on your Shopify website helps increase traffic as your customers will share your product on Instagram. More people will arrive on your Shopify Store seeing the content on Instagram.

In this way, Shopify Store owners can drive traffic to their online store.

#3 Increase Customer Interaction & Trust

The next big deal that you can resolve by integrating Instagram on your Shopify Store is your customer interaction. People resonate well with interactive Instagram feeds. Your customers might like to engage with your Instagram posts and also might check your Instagram presence to know more.

When your potential customers see content created by the existing customers of a brand or business, it will build the trust for your brand and boost the interaction on your website. It will help them to know what people in real life are actually saying about the product and services you offer.

#4 Display User-Generated Content

Another amazing benefit of showcasing Instagram feeds on their Shopify website is displaying user-generated content from Instagram.

More than brand-created content, people like to see user-generated content on websites, especially on eCommerce stores.

As millions of users publish millions of posts on Instagram daily, you have many opportunities to gain user-generated content and apply it to your website.

Not only this, embedding user-generated content from Instagram increases the trust, authenticity, and credibility of your Shopify website.

#5 Save Your Cost & Money

Many will forget to mention this point while talking about the benefits of adding Instagram feeds on websites. However, it is one of the extrusive benefits of your Shopify website. You can fetch Instagram feeds in various formats like images, videos, etc., and add them to the website.

Comparing the cost and time you invest in creating a unique, valuable, and engaging piece of content to collecting Instagram feeds for free; With that, you can know the benefits of adding Instagram feed on your website.

How To Embed Instagram Feeds On Shopify Store

Depending on your marketing needs, you can embed Instagram feeds on the Shopify website. If you want to place single Instagram posts only on your Shopify web page, then using Official Instagram App is the best and free way to do so. However, if you want to create a colorful widget with Instagram feeds and display them in a designing format to impact customers, then third-party tools will help you.

#1 Official Instagram App

Like said before, if you want to add a single or two-three Instagram post on your Shopify Store, then Instagram App will be the right choice for you.

With Instagram App, you can select any image that you desire to present on your website. Click on the three-dots and click on the Embed button. You will see a code in the box, copy it, and paste it on your website backend.

Save the changes, and the Instagram post will be live on your Shopify Store.

#2 Third-Party Tool

In case you want to create a beautiful-looking Instagram feed widget on your Shopify Store, with multiple posts, then third-party tools are for you.

There are several tools in the market that you can use to embed Instagram feeds on Shopify. With the help of these tools, you can curate, customize, and embed Instagram feeds using themes. You can collect feeds with Hashtags, Mentions, Handle, or Tag and design them with a beautiful design that fits your website style.

Wrapping It Up!

Now you know why you should embed Instagram feeds on your website and what benefits you can gain by adding Instagram feeds on your Shopify website.

We hope you find it relevant and helpful to solve your problem of adding Instagram feeds to your website.

So what are you waiting for? Start curating and embed Instagram feed on your Shopify website to drive the benefits.


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