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Why are preschools in Malaysia referred to as second parents to young children?

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A child cannot learn everything at home and that includes preschoolers. “Preschool”, as the term is called, is the place for children before the actual international school in Kuala Lumpur. Preschool mainly serves to prepare children for their future education. Instead, it is a professional-led program that combines entertainment and education for children.

Can you imagine a three year old feeling all emotions and reacting accordingly? They are not naturally emotionally active in their early years, but with appropriate preschool experiences, they also explore some aspects of their personality.

As the saying goes, children explore most aspects of their personality when they are in preschool. They are not burdened with academic courses, and good results are not expected from them. This allows them to focus more on their emotional, social and personal growth. Not that they know much about it, but working on personal skills polishing all other countries.

And when you consider, preschools are children’s second parents. Since they learn everything about themselves and their environment in a pre-school facility, it is completely justified to call them “second parents”.

Preschool benefits

Lets Children Learn: Children are not born to be learners, but they can be learners. Preschool prepares children for greater uncertainty. You can’t talk to them to understand some things and emotions. Young children tend to learn everything through play in the beginning.

Develop social skills: Children are not aware of their social responsibilities and relationships. Of course, they must learn to find their way in society and handle public duties.

Preschools promote their social skills and make them transparent to the outside world. Newborns never know how they will deal with social relationships without getting a little test.

Self-Regulatory Skills: Self-regulation skills are felt in young children in moments that can be learned. Teachers in preschool in Malaysia inspire them to recognize their emotions and understand how they affect those around them. Children need to recognize their emotional aspects and their reactions to them in order to continue in the future.

Improve reading skills: children don’t want to skip academic subjects right away and get the best results in class. They need to understand the game before they can read, write, and play together. Preschool teachers let children learn through play and have fun together. Wouldn’t that work for everyone. Instead of learning and writing the alphabet, preschoolers have a hard time singing it as a song or a poem, and this helps them memorize and even remember.

Basic Maths: Playing numbers or counting games in a fun way can help young children lay the foundations of math. Because it is the most difficult subject, mathematics cannot enter into the minds of children.

Preschool teachers have their own unique strategies and ways to prepare children to accept math as a day job rather than a bloated subject. They bring the foundations of mathematics to the fore in their lives which will help them in their later studies.

Promotes creativity and curiosity: children are said to be the most curious creatures in the world. They ask questions that are not even logical. But somehow it caught the interest of the kids, who were new to the environment and everything they had to do.

Preschools in Malaysia aim to nurture children’s minds and fill their curiosity with the best answers. Parents don’t want to answer a lot of nonsensical questions, but ignoring them can have a negative impact on their child. Preschoolers manage to get kids comfortable with their explosive questions and curiosity and fill them with logical answers.

How do you choose the best PAUD for your child?

While online reviews and popularity explain it all, the right selection process can help. Preschool can be hard to find, but with the right practice, it can be a worthwhile quest.

Look for online reviews of preschools that you added to your list. The second step is to ask your relatives or friends about some preschools that can help you understand their true code of conduct. Preschool flyers are colorful, but what’s left in them is best seen by talking to an experienced person.

The final step is to understand their ethics and values. You can choose the best preschool for your child based on the culture you want to learn about.


In conclusion, preschool is one of the most important steps in a child’s education. Many parents think about skipping preschool, but this can leave room for learning in their lives. You can’t expect a child to pack in new things and emotions until they are ready for it. Preschool fills the void between the minds of those who are malnourished and society. Since they cannot stay indoors for the rest of their lives, it becomes important for them to manage the daily changes.