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Why Art is Necessary for the Human Mind

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On top of everything that human life has become now, a repressed being is the last label we ought to go for.

Repression is directly linked with the inability to listen, process, understand, and ultimately express emotions. And the only other way than linguistically articulating it is in the form of art, whether it’s theatrical, music, performance, forms of crafts, paintings, poetry, or anything else that brings humanity in approximations to its self. Instead of just admiring and accepting the classical ones, all forms of contemporary art need to be recognized as well.     

On this note, let’s take a look at all the reasons why art is necessary for the human mind:

As a Universal Form of Communication

Art has undeniably been the universal form of communication for the whole world. It’s almost impossible to date back the discovery of art if you don’t reduce it to a mere definition. This is because you can’t categorize what qualifies as art even as of yet. However, it has persisted throughout every generation in every part of the world in some or another form. Whether it was the hieroglyphs in Egypt, the cave drawings of Mesopotamia, or the sculptures of the Nordic civilizations, everywhere, art has survived.

In addition to its historic value, art is classified as a legitimate means of communication for the psychological well-being of traumatized individuals. Sometimes, in various instances where the induced trauma has left the patient in a state of shock, they lose their speech. This prompts the use of other means of communication in order to get them to come to terms with what happened. For long, those who haven’t had the ability to speak or speak well have used their art to scream their emotions out.

It was in the form of a painting that Leonardo Da Vinci expressed most of his creative ideas. Artists such as Pablo Picasso have set examples of using art as an act of resistance against tyranny and fascism. Most social movements have been sparked and ignited through art. They have also been furthered through art. It was nothing else than art that presented the most brilliant ideas beyond our current limitations.

Art as a Motivator

There is no denying the fact that art speaks to our emotional self that plays a crucial role in determining the actions we take. As conscious beings, we are bound to be moved by anything that speaks of ideas bigger than us or perhaps mean much to us. This is where art becomes of paramount importance.

It’s been scientifically proven that playing music in the background can help youngsters do math problems more efficiently. Moreover, art has also proven to be one of the most effective self-rewarding activities that a human being can engage in. Learning an instrument, how to paint or draw, how to act, dance or perform, all of these are self-rewarding activities that everyone should engage in.

Most of all, those who feel left out in societies use forms of art to communicate with their peers. Someone who doesn’t have the ability to convince everyone in a one-on-one conversation might have better chances through a performance or play. Even organizations understand the importance of having skits to motivate employees into achieving bigger goals. Not to mention the fact that it also works as a great way to inspire cooperation between individuals as well as departments.

Art as a Teacher

Some artists might not be able to tell it yet but those who’ve experienced the journey can vouch for this.

No matter what form of art you practice, you can be sure that you’re going to learn something valuable throughout your endeavor. This is because art encourages togetherness and motivates you to find people who have similar interests. For example, a guitarist or sculptor would definitely love to find others who can help them achieve bigger goals. Another prime example would be the thousands of artists that showcase their paintings in Dubai during the art festivals each year.

Fostering creativity, promising a rewarding and motivating curriculum that guarantees entertainment as well as learning. Considering this, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that art is true, the perfect teacher on its own. Regardless of how wrong or bad you are in some form of art, you can become better. You might not be the best sculptor, but you can learn how to sculpt. Similarly, someone might not be the innovator or master of a certain form of art. But nothing can stop them from becoming better.  

In Conclusion

Let’s end it with this. Art is a symbol of consciousness and the moment we lose it, we stop becoming human beings. Therefore, having it around us, practicing its various forms while also encouraging and motivating others to do the same is necessary. Otherwise, we’ll be raising a generation of emotionless machines unable to express anything at all.