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Why choose dubai for foreign investment?


The Financial Hub Of The Middle East

Dubai is a flourishing port city, ideally located at the shores of the Persian Gulf at a very strategic position on the world’s busiest sea lanes.

In a matter of a few decades, it has transformed from a small fishing town to an attractive business destination for companies that want to exploit the active and dynamic markets of South Asia, the mid-east, and Africa, acting as a broad base for a region where Dubai serves 2 billion people. Dubai is a city that

hosts exceptional talent from around the world and sets the highest standards of excellence in all fields.  Dubai inspires entrepreneurs and investors alike. Each year hundreds of new businesses commence their operations in Dubai due to the ease of doing business and the state-of-the-art infrastructure it possesses.

It is the hub for the regional import/export industry, one of the most profitable markets in the world.

With an ideal combination of foreign ownership, excellent communication networks, infrastructure, and relative ease in Free zone company setup in Dubai provides the most business-friendly environment and the best business policies that help owners operating a successful business.

Some key factors that contribute to making Dubai an attractive business destination are as follow.

Governmental Support

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for transforming the Vision of the leadership into reality. DED creates a favorable atmosphere for both local and international investors. The DED  is the right place to provide you all the necessary support and give initial approvals for launching a new business setup in Dubai. However, Always select an expert company that can complete all the formalities on your behalf and saves precious time and effort.

Stable Economy

Among the Emirates of the UAE, Dubai is the most successful in terms of economic growth. Unlike other GCC cities, Dubai has successfully diversified its oil-based economy. Dubai enjoys considerable success in international trade, logistics, transport, and tourism; these sectors account for almost 60 percent of Dubai’s GDP.

Benign Tax Regime

In Dubai, as in all the other emirates of the UAE, all companies enjoy a tax-free haven; this is a big incentive for people planning to launch a company setup in Dubai.

Wise Leadership

The visionary leadership of Dubai’s Emir was the primary force to transform a small town into one of the most successful and modern cities. It has established Dubai as the world’s leading destination for foreign investors. It is the dream and the passion of the leadership to build a modern and progressive nation that excels in all fields. Economic strength is the main area where the states need to have a solid foundation. The strong economy of Dubai is sufficient proof of the priority the business and economic sector gets for development.

The Free Zones

Dubai has nearly 20 Free Zones that accommodate hundreds of businesses from different business clusters. The foreign investors can possess full ownership of their investments, along with repatriation of profit and capital.

Legal System

UAE revises its laws and investment rules and regulations.There are continuous revisions of existing investment rules, regulations, and incentive packages to promote foreign investment. UAE is a member of treaties and conventions that safeguard intellectual property, including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), World Trade Organization (WTO), Paris Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), etc.

Ample Availability Of Human Resources

Thousand of professionals from different backgrounds and locations move to Dubai annually. Moreover, excellent training and education of the local Emiratis have built the capacity of local human resources who are working in different sectors are playing active roles in building the nation and economy.

Political Stability

The UAE has a stable political environment. Dubai has one of the most prosperous and tolerant societies in the world. It ranks at the top in Middle Eastern cities in Mercer’s Quality of Life Index.

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