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Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin Before The Tournament?


Kakashi Kills Rin” is the second episode of Bleach’s Great Climax series. This time, “Kakashi” is an Aizen member. He is described as a very cold-blooded creature. His weapon is a sword, but he prefers to use his Shikai, a straight sword that cuts energy in the same way as his sword. He is cold, calculating, and ambitious, and not someone to trust.

The first time we see him, he had been hired by Tageru to find the reason behind the attack on the Yomi Village. Because the attack had left a powerful force of unseen attackers, Tageru sends him and two other shinigamis to investigate. While they are there, they encounter a shinigamis member named Jin Kuchiki. They had been observing the village from a distance, but when the attack arrived, they were caught unawares, and their leader, named Gingka had them fight to the death.

In order to escape, they used a Getsuga Tenshoku to leap out of the window. They had planned this well. However, they are soon caught by a shinigamis who had tracked them down and taken control of the whole village. While the others were being killed, they used their last strength to form the identity of Retsuo Hekiya – or Ryuk dropped a bomb. This allowed them to escape and seek help from someone outside. It was here that they learned that the mask they had worn had been bought by a Shinigamis named Kohaku.

Years later, while on a trip with his father, Kakashi had Rin’s body stolen by the mysterious Village of Ryukkaku. The shinigamis took the body for testing purposes, and it was found out that he had been experimenting with shinobi abilities. He then trained the village in martial arts, hoping to find a way to defeat an enemy without using his blade. One of the village’s members, Tancho Tohei, was particularly impressed by his skill, so he offered him a position as village head. However, Onigorak dispatches his own shinobi, Kankuro, to kill the now-headmaster. He finds out that he can still use his blade and decides to train both Rin and Kankuro in order to fully master the techniques.

Now, in the series, we have the question of why did Kakashi murder Rintaro in the first place? Was he protecting Rin or wanting to avenge his father? Or, was he working for some secret government, trying to get rid of shinigamis once and for all? And why did he not kill Obito, since he knows that he is the son of the Hokage, or leader, of the village? These are interesting questions, which will be answered in the rest of the manga.

In the second chapter, we see the village of Konoha being attacked by a giant meteorite. The Konoha shinigamis protect the village with their lives, but Inui, who is an expert in ninjutsu, arrives just in time to save the village. He then takes Obito, who is still angry about Rin’s death, to the Valley of Secrets where Obito’s body is kept. There, Obito tries to kill Inui, but Inui is able to escape. Kakashi then joins forces with Inui to kill the Hokage and clear the village of any ninjas.

In the third chapter, we see that Obito is back to his normal self and is living with his cousin, Kurenai. He is working at a ramen stand, which is owned by the cousin’s good friend, Tazuna. Tazuna is also working as a part-time job for a young boy named Naruto. This is interesting, because the month before, in a public auction for a scroll that can supposedly grant youth, Naruto’s former teammate, Obito went on a mission to seek and kill the mysterious “Anonymous”, who is after the same scroll.

We then come to the main event in April 2021 – the Chomachitsu exams. Kakashi, still suspicious of Obito, goes to his hidden room and finds a message left by Obito, which says that he has become Hokage… the next day, Naruto steps in front of the class and announces that he has become the Hokage with the help of a genjutsu – Chomachitsu. With this, the two are confused, but Naruto gets away by using his shadow clone to disappear. A few days later, in the anime, we finally found out what happened to Naruto and Kakashi after they were knocked out by surprise by a shinobi with a sword called Senbonzakura. After saving them, they go their separate ways, but a year later, in the anime, it is revealed that Kakashi was actually the one who trained Naruto, and that he changed his name to Guy, since he felt ashamed of what had happened to his friend.