Home Travel Why do you have to turn off your phone on a plane?

Why do you have to turn off your phone on a plane?


Why do you have to turn off your phone on a plane?


Why is it necessary to switch off a mobile phone on a plane?


The moment you board the plane, the crew member on the plane will ask you to switch off or put your mobile phone on airplane mode. Recently, it has become a compulsion on all domestic U.S. domestic flights to switch off mobile phones. In addition to this, passengers must disable their wireless transmission functions, including voice cellular data and voice. 


Now you might be thinking, what is the reason behind doing all this. 


Mobile phones send out signals covering more considerable distances, and the radio frequency coming out of them disrupts cell tower networks on the ground. If you do not switch off your phone, your cell phone will try to connect with each cell tower that the airline passes. Therefore, the Federal Communications Commission or FCC made it necessary for all passengers to cooperate with the guidelines while traveling on a plane.


Due to this reason, the airline has started offering in-flight Wi-Fi on flights that don’t rely on cellular tower connections. Based on the network, you can read and write emails, check texts, surf online, log into your social media accounts on iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and so on. 


What are the guidelines for using a mobile phone on Turkish Airlines?


Passengers who have made Turkish Airlines booking can go through the following guidelines to know more about using a phone on their flights. 


  • On Turkish flights, passengers can use their mobile phones or laptops for work and entertainment purposes which will work with the radio frequency, and they will be asked to switch off their mobile phones during landing or take-off. 
  • The airline allows its flyers to use all types of devices that do not operate with radiofrequency or generate magnetic fields. 
  • You can enjoy in-flight internet services or Wi-Fi on Turkish flights and enjoy watching movies, videos, or playing online games, reading books online, connecting to social media, reading and typing messages, etc. In addition to this, they also provide fabulous quality headphones to the passengers on long-haul flights to enjoy music. Using the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking, passengers can modify their flight tickets online and request excellent in-flight services for their scheduled trip. 


For more information about the Turkish Airlines travel policies, reach one of the customer care executives through a direct call and seek answers to all your queries. 


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