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Why Do You Need To Choose Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Baton Rouge?


Do you love scuba diving? Is it one of the adventures you want to try out on your wishlist? Well, before you plan your trip to experience the mysteries of the underwater world, you need to know that it may come with some health issues sometimes. But, you don’t have to worry about it because hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the best treatment for most of your diving-related issues. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Baton Rouge is a treatment in which you breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. There are a lot of things you need to know about this treatment, like what is this treatment, when do you need it, and what are its risks. So, let’s get moving!

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

HBOT is a famous treatment for those suffering from decompression sickness, which is an issue faced by scuba divers. It is a therapy in which the patient is supposed to sit in a chamber or a small room, and the air pressure of the area is increased two to three times more than the normal air pressure.

The rise in the air pressure allows your lungs to accumulate much more oxygen than you would have under normal air pressure. And when your blood carries this extra amount of oxygen to every part of your body, you will see it helping the bacteria fight and incite the discharge of growth factors and stem cells to start the healing process. 

Why Do You Need To Consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Baton Rouge?

The tissues of a human body need a sufficient amount of oxygen to perform perfectly. But, when the tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen for survival. So, this is when you will have to choose the hyperbaric oxygen therapy Baton Rouge because the extra amount of oxygen carried throughout your body will initiate the healing process.

There are various health conditions when you might have to pick this treatment, and those issues are:

  • If you are suffering from severe anemia, HBOT is one option you can consider.
  • It is an efficacious treatment to cure brain abscess.
  • You can also heal the presence of air bubbles in your blood vessels using this process.
  • A new study has shown that you can use this treatment to stop the aging of your blood cells and reverse the aging process. 
  • If a patient is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, HBOT is the best treatment for them.
  • In case of skin or bone infection that led to tissue death, this therapy is a great idea to go for.
  • Those suffering from diabetes can treat their non-healing wounds with this treatment.
  • Radiation injury is also a condition you can treat using hyperbaric oxygen therapy Baton Rouge.
  • HBOT is an effective treatment for traumatic brain injury.
  • If you are suffering from vision loss or deafness, you can try using this therapy. 
  • You can even heal the burns from heat or fire with the help of this treatment.

HBOT is one of the efficient treatments you can choose for the issues mentioned in this section. All you need to do is consult with your doctor, who is well aware of your health history and pick the best clinic offering the therapy. 

As we talk about its benefits, this treatment has its own risks as well. So, fill yourself with all the necessary information before you choose to go for it. And, never forget to ask your doctor everything about this treatment that’s necessary for you to know.

What Are The Risks Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Though it is a safe therapy to prefer for decompression sickness, this may come with a few risks, mentioned below:

  • As this therapy is done by changing the air pressure, it may cause middle ear injuries with eardrum rupture and leaking fluid.
  • With HBOT, some patients might suffer from short-term nearsightedness due to temporary changes in the eye lens.
  • Due to the change in air pressure, some can suffer lung collapse.
  • In some cases, seizures can also happen due to an excess amount of oxygen in your central nervous system.
  • If the patient is diabetic, they may suffer from lower blood sugar. So, don’t go for this therapy without consulting your doctor.
  • Though it is rare, in some cases, fire may take place in the chamber due to the oxygen-rich environment. 
  • Sinus is also a risk that comes with treatment in some cases.
  • There are patients going through HBOT who may witness issues with their teeth.
  • Some patients might suffer from anxiety and claustrophobia.
  • In rare cases, the patient can suffer from oxygen toxicity or poisoning.

So, keep these risks in mind before you decide to go on with this treatment. Though these conditions are rare, you should have knowledge about them and do not go for it without being aware of your health condition. 

Who Can You Contact For Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Baton Rouge?

As there are various clinics offering this treatment, you cannot rely on each one of them as it concerns your health. So, if you will take our suggestion, get in touch with Metaglow. 

It is one of the best clinics in Baton Rouge, known for its success rate in HBOT. The doctor is experienced and has got the right skills to treat the patients using this treatment. The clinic is known for its reasonability as well. So, don’t think twice and give them a call to discuss your condition right away and get started with the treatment.