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Why Do You Need to Get a Handheld Shower Today?


People have been bathing since time immemorial. As such, showers bring peace, comfort, and solace in one’s life every day, be it for ten quick minutes or thirty relaxing ones. Shower experiences are deeply personal, and everybody has unique ways to make them better.

Meanwhile, the handheld shower is generally not the hot topic of conversation when people are speaking of a traditional shower. However, you sure are living in the dark if you haven’t used a handheld shower yet! This revolutionary shower is an excellent addition to any bathroom, and here’s why:

Top Five Benefits of Using Handheld Shower

After a long day at work, wouldn’t you want to relax and unwind with a nice warm shower? And, if you are bored of your same old shower, this upgrade is exactly what you need. A handheld shower has a ton of benefits that you can take full advantage of.

1.      Perfect Size for Everyone

If you are a tall person living with an average-sized family, you know how frustrating and awkward the height of the showerhead can be. A shower that does not rinse your body from the perfect angle can be annoying. However, a handheld shower can be used to tackle this issue.

This shower is perfect for everyone as you can adjust its height based on how tall you are. All you have to do is remove the shower from its stand and hold it at your preferred height.

2.      It Helps Control Water Pressure

The correct water pressure can make your shower an even better experience. However, water flow and its strength are not constant with traditional showers. Contrarily, you can control the pressure of water with a handheld shower. All you have to do is find the right distance between you and your body. And once you find the correct pressure, you will know exactly how great and consistent a shower can feel.

3.      Easy to Manipulate the Direction of Water

A stationary shower may seem like the norm. However, a handheld shower enables you to manipulate the direction of the water. You can hold the shower head any way you like and enjoy the flow of water. Also, you can clean any part of your body individually when needed. Hence, you do not need to use the oversized shower head for a full-body cleanse!

4.      It Can Be Used to Clean the Shower

These showerheads are incredibly versatile; you can use a handheld shower for bathing and cleaning the bathroom floors and walls. Their flexible necks and easy-to-control water flow allow you to use them in cleaning practices too.

5.      Excellent Choice for If You Have Pets

Bathing your pets is a monumental task. And you need exceptional help if you plan on cleaning your pet at home. While it can be tough to bathe your furry friends with a stationary showerhead, a handheld shower is just what you need.

You can use the showerhead to clean every different part of their bodies. Additionally, a handheld shower also prevents the water from entering their ears.

Handheld showers are flexible and have a wide range of uses. You can also get a traditional rail shower along with a handheld one. And the combination of the two will make your shower experiences better than you have ever had.

This type of shower could change the way you take a bath! So, wait for no further and see where your showerhead choices take you!