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Why does a family photoshoot matters for many people

family photoshoot

When we want to tell our children or guests about the history of our family, the main assistant in this matter is the photographer and the family photoshoot album created by him.

Many families have already become a good tradition to look through family photos and immerse themselves in pleasant memories. Each photo hides a separate story in a frozen moment: at home, in the studio, in nature. So why don’t you stop the moment and please your dear people with a general photo session, which will reflect the mood and feelings in the family circle in the best possible way?

A family photoshoot session can be organized in the spring, when everything is in bloom, in the summer with a child or your beloved dog. In addition, a family photo shoot session is a great occasion. so that all family members can get together and have a great time together, which sometimes is so rarely done.

Singapore has many beautiful places against which you can create unrivaled vivid photos. In any case, you will receive many incredible emotions and wonderful keepsake photos at an affordable price. Each family has a unique story. For this, there are photo studio rental services- the writer of happy family stories.

Get the services of a family photographer or rent a photo studio from h2. Talented craftsmen with a creative approach to work are registered in our database. Services are provided not only to residents of the city but also to the suburbs

How to find and choose a family photographer?

To search for a contractor through our service, you must publish an application on the website. Private craftsmen will respond to the placed order, offering prices and terms of cooperation. You can also contact the call center operators, they will select a responsible specialist who will do the job quickly and efficiently.

When publishing an application, we recommend that you indicate the following information:

  • Where do you plan to take photographs;
  • Number of participants;
  • The need to select props or sites;
  • Time and day of the week.


Family photography can be done anywhere, but if you want to get really beautiful pictures, you need to be responsible when choosing a location. It should correspond to the concept of the photoshoot, style, and complement the image of each family member. The nature and perception of family photographs largely depend on the location chosen. So, you can also take family photoshoot service. For 8 years of working as a family photographer, I have shot in many studios and picturesque locations in Singapore and will be happy to help you choose the best location for photography. For your convenience, I have created a list of locations that I can recommend.

Shooting in the studio

Here you can take a family photoshoot in the most comfortable conditions, regardless of the weather outside the window. In addition, in the studio, there is always the opportunity to change clothes and fix makeup.

There are a huge number of studios with different interiors in Singapore and the Singapore region. You can choose the perfect shooting location for any idea. When conducting a family photo session with children, the optimal duration will be about 2 hours. So we can take short breaks to change images, and your child will not get tired.


High-quality lighting;

Independence from weather conditions;

Lack of outsiders;

The ability to change images in a comfortable environment;

What is included in the cost of the service?

When choosing a photographer, the cost of his services is important. You need to understand that professional photography is a creative but at the same time very time-consuming process that requires serious preparation. If you want to get beautiful photos, it is better to give preference to quality over speed and cheapness.

The price depends on the type of photography, the number of captured and processed photos, and the availability of additional work. In addition, many other factors affect the price:

The price for a family photoshoot in Singapore is calculated individually. Professional photographers registered in the h2 photoshoot service database offer the following service packages:

  • Minimum

60 minutes of family photography in the studio, at home or on-site, up to 20 professionally processed photos and all digital images without processing.

  • Standard

In this case, photography lasts 120 minutes and is carried out at the customer’s house, studio, or site. The client is provided with up to 30 photographs in artistic processing. A photo book is created and all photos taken are sent in digital format.

  • Maximum

The specialist works with the family for 2-3 hours, provides at least 45 photographs in professional processing, creates original photo books and family albums in various formats.

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