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Why does my computer need RAM?

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How to backup your laptop before you sell

Do many of you think power is stupid? If you use a computer and say so, it is your fault. RAM is a short-term memory hard drive that runs your applications. If you do not have RAM, you will run through the BIOS, then crash or get a black screen. Ram works more than you think.

RAM saves the history of all open applications on your computer. After disabling your computer, these disks will be erased. (You cannot save information about them [your data will be deleted if possible]).

Your computer needs more RAM for each application that is opened on your computer. If you open 20 programs, you will see that your computer runs really slow, and if 1 or 2 opens, it will work amazingly. Some of this is due to RAM (random access memory). When you open many programs, your computer will need more RAM, and if you do not have free RAM, it will compress your data. It slows down when most applications are open, as it takes advantage of your computer’s RAM capacity and compresses and compresses application data whenever you use it.

You can also increase the RAM usage by looking at applications coming from the web, but closing applications running in the background will save a lot of money there. If you want to close applications running in the background, you can press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE -> Activities tab, then you can click ‘Finish Task’ by clicking on Task. Doing so will free more sheep.

But RAM does not always affect the speed of your computer, it can be your computer processing unit (CPU), this part of your computer comes in different sizes, they are 0GHz – 3.06GHz + (GigaHertz). 1000 lines for 1 GHz to 1 GHz. 1 line per second for every MHz.

If you have a low RAM computer like 256MB in Windows XP then I suggest you update it Whatintop. Installing RAM is easy, you just have to open the hard drive and then if you decide to install it you will see something like sticking your RAM. Then there will be free space near your computer’s RAM stack. Just insert it into your computer’s hard drive. Once you’re done, you can right-click on My Computer and click Properties. If you have more RAM than your head, you are fine. If not, try again.

If you want to buy more RAM for less money. Look at your computer’s hard drive, find out what kind of RAM your computer uses, and then buy that copy. If you want to buy RAM I recommend using your auction site. You don’t have to spend $ 100 on a new ram, it’s just as good as a second-hand dog.

In this article I am going to talk about RAM, also called computer memory. How does RAM affect computer speed and what is the benefit of having enough computer RAM? A very simple, clear explanation is rarely heard, and many people do not understand what RAM is, which is not a bad feeling.

I have a very simple way to memorize the word computer which is understandable for those who know a little bit about computer. At the end of this comment you will understand what is RAM in computer and you will understand how RAM affects the speed of computer and the benefits of computer RAM.

First, if you don’t know, RAM is random access memory  Note that the terms computer RAM or memory mean the same thing: a temporary workspace on a computer. This is temporary because when you turn off the computer, everything in the RAM disappears immediately. Unlike this hard drive or “flash memory”, they both carry things with them when the computer is turned off.

Clearly, “flash memory” and “memory” (i.e. RAM) are not the same thing, so when someone talks about memory – assuming they use the term correctly – they often flash Don’t talk about memory (as it were) a card. In digital camera). , Or on smaller iPods, fingerprints, etc.).

The best way to think about computer RAM is to consider RAM as a desktop or workbench.

If you are working on a project – be it a classroom student, a bench carpenter or any other project – you need space to work on a project like desk or workspace. You publish all your materials (books, carpentry, or anything else) and you deliver them to your workplace. You’re working on a project, and when you’re done, you put everything aside.