Everything that you buy, requires proper maintenance, no matter how big or small the thing is. From clothes, accessories, books, electronics, vehicles, and many more, everything needs inspection at some point to keep up with its value. Like your vehicle needs regular inspection, its parts need that too. A tyre is the most neglected part of any vehicle but the most important part as well. It needs care and maintenance to keep up with a good performance of the vehicle. Your automobile tyres should be inspected every month to check for proper air pressure in the tyre, tread wear, and the amount of damage caused till the date.

It’s not just about buying things and using them or keeping them aside. They not only get damaged while using but also if kept unused for a long period or not stored properly. Like Continental Tyres Tadley, when used regularly and without periodic care, will wear out fast due to objects like nails and screws that are on the road surface, sticking to the tyre creating cracks and cuts, leading to a high amount of damage to the tyre. Sometimes, the tyres are not stored appropriately, which also results in the tyre getting damaged somehow.

There are several ways to maintain your car tyre to keep its performance up to the level, maintaining the proper degree of inflation in the tyre, avoid spinning your car tyres too much, inflate the tyre to the recommended level, check the tyres for any wear and tears, check the amount of damage caused, getting repairs done properly, check the wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel suspension, rotation of your tyres should also be done. Also, several things should be avoided like overloading of the vehicle, overinflation or underinflation, don’t try to mount your tyres, avoid excessive spinning, and most commonly avoid driving on uneven roads and rash.


• Maintain proper inflation in the tyre- this is the foremost and the most important point in providing you with the best performance. An inflated tyre will ensure safety and fuel efficiency, whereas a partially inflated tyre will be compromising your safety and will lead to excessive fuel consumption. With an accurate tyre pressure gauge, you should get your tyres inspected repeatedly when they are cool. Also, you should inflate your tyres only at the recommended level, this can be found on your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Keeping up with the recommended level will increase the durability of the tyres and will help them last longer.

• Avoid excessive spinning of the tyres- people spin their car tyres excessively when stuck in someplace where there is mud, snow, sand, or ice, which is completely wrong. This results in overheating of the tyre and irreparable destruction. To easily free your vehicle without unnecessary spinning, you can use a mild backward and forward rocking motion.

• Look at your tyres for wear- wearing of tyres is not acceptable if it falls to 1.6 mm in tread depth. You’ll immediately require tyre replacement as the tyre below the tread depth of 1.6 mm may be dangerous for you as it can result in accidents in wet conditions. The tyres which are unnecessarily worn out are more likely to suffer punctures.

• Avoid mounting the tyres on your own- serious accidents could take place due to eruption of the rim assembly from inappropriate mounting methods. You should go through the manufacturer’s instructions and match the tyre diameter to the rim diameter. All the mounting processes should be performed by a qualified and trained person. To have the best handling of your vehicle, it is suggested to use all four tyres of the same size and type.

• Avoid overloading your vehicle- this can be harmful to your tyres as it creates a lot of pressure on them. For knowing the accurate weight that your vehicle can carry, you should check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the load limit. Overloading can lead to tyre bursts and tyre punctures as well, it can also lead to loss of control, increased fuel consumption, and tyre damage.


• A tyre with the deepest tread depth should be fitted on the rear axle when installing two tyres.

• You should never mix radials and non-radials on the same axle.

• Tyres should always be fitted in a group of four if you are fitting the snow tyres or all-season tyres to a performance vehicle.

• You should always talk with the dealer for the most appropriate rim width and tyre clearances when changing tyre sizes.

• It is always recommended fitting tyres with the same speed ratings. If you want to fit Tyres Tadley with different speed ratings, make sure they should be with, like pairs on the same axle.