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Why Ethics and Social Responsibility Matter in Modern Business


Introduction: in business, standard rules and laws help streamline work processes and routines. Similarly, when it comes to ethics in business, it helps create order and responsibility. In IT Consulting Services, all businesses know the value of keeping basic routines and processes as fair and accountable as possible. Even as they grow and succeed ethics and social responsibility still resonate at every turn.

So what makes business ethics and social responsibility strong pillars and tools to sustainable growth and success? Why do they matter in modern business?

Difference between Ethics and Social Responsibility?

Ethics is a set of core values and heritage that fundamentally shape a business’ integral growth and success model. They are deemed part and parcel of doing business the right and fair way of doing business. Ethics tackles areas such as integrity, accountability, diversity and inclusiveness, exploitation, manipulation, fraud, sustainability etc.

Social responsibility is what businesses deem as a way of ‘giving back’ or contributing to compassionate causes that make wholesome growth and success models of society. Businesses need to be part of social transformation with actions that send a positive message and image of the business.

Value of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Modern Business  

Business Image and Brand Building

For businesses, the brand and image in the eyes of customers, prospects, competitors and target audiences are worth more than all the ROI it can muster or acquire or generate over several business quarters. Stronger brands attract further associations and business opportunities. Business, the image creates long term trustworthy, reliable and dependable business opportunities that can transcend any amount generated over a business quarter or financial year. Businesses with these two attributes can easily influence and impact markets. They can win over more customers by riding on the wave of a strong brand and image.

Attracts Quality and Sustainable Human Resource

Human resource for every company is what propels it on the way or path for better growth and success. Employees who simply collect paychecks in the short run may seem like a good idea as businesses save money and expenditure. Some employees and professionals today are more influenced by the business model for giving back or how it takes CSR. More so, employees with good ideas and problem-solving skills want to esteem the business’ image further through actions that make it appear like a safe and compassionate workplace. Such employees have far greater value in the long run for the businesses. With this human resource, the business impact grows and the brand reaches greater heights.

Besides, sustainable workplace ideas are rooted in some of the basic but vital ethical and CSR actions.

Creates Accountability, Trustworthiness and Reliability

Investors, customers and even target audiences will only do engage with reliable and accountable businesses. Potential investors usually look at the track record of the business over a long period and its success. Success isn’t measured only by how much turn it generates but rather ethical and social responsible contributions. Besides, winning new customers and keeping long term loyal customers is also governed by the track record of fair and accountable business practices.

There’s so much fraud, cheating and taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. A reliable business has already created a channel for further wealth and success by just committing to doing the right things the right way. Reliable businesses are self-advertised by their solid track record of clean and accountable practices.

Business and Brand Customer Perception

What customer’s or prospects think of a business or brand matters as it sends the right vibes from the start while creating a sustainable brand. Sustainability in business matters as it makes a brand lead competitors due to persuaded loyal customers. When brands have a high user or customer rating it means in a pack of other competitors it has an advantage due to its ethics and socially responsible ways of doing business. Moreover, brands with a better and higher customer perception tend to perform well in the market overall.

Build Moral Competitive Advantage

It is obvious most if not all business is driven by a desire or need to multiply investment and make a profit. However, sometimes the desire to create more wealth and profit can disregard ethical and social responsibility that drives the business image and reputation into a heap of shame when caught or discovered. Businesses driven by strong ethical values and social responsibility stick to their core values as it helps define their business model, character and integrity. That not only builds a moral compass on to conduct its affairs but also in the long term attracts better business opportunities with a solid competitive advantage.


Business Reputation and Attraction

Businesses gain great reputations for their commitment to social causes and ethical practices. And with great reputations come chances and doors of opening or creating further business through customer loyalty. All people and businesses want to align and cooperate with highly respected and well-esteemed businesses to gain visibility and credibility. No one aligns with cheating, unfair and unethical business practices as they harm reputation and business overall in the long term.

Equitable and Sustainable Business Growth

For some businesses gaining market share and dominating the market is all they strive to achieve and accomplish. There are short and long term business goals and strategies. However, markets are dynamic and subject to change or evolve. Selfish and self-centred business plans can look attractive and productive in the short run. But, strategic planning looks at the potential with better target audience engagement.  When people feel the business has a better long term vision and plan they are drawn to collaborate and work with the business for sustainable and equitable growth.


Today, business competition is fierce across verticals and niches of all industries. Its obvious competitors are ready to take the place of any demeaned business. In professional IT Consulting Services, compassion, ethics and social responsibility help drive positive, sensitive and inclusive business practices and actions across entire business services. That creates a funnel of sustainable and long term growth and success.