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Why is data science the wisest alternative for a career switch?


Time has spoken for itself. Change is inevitable and it can come in the most unexpected ways. Corona virus is the new normal and the world must do its best in order to cope up. More efficient services and accurate planning can take us through this ordeal. And only data, a lot of data can save our souls. Data grants the power of predictability, and efficiency. And the efficient and ethical use of data brings about certainty in day-to-day processes. The Indian It industry is somewhat dependent on economic giants of our world, performing mundane jobs seemed of less value to them. But with the crushing attack of COVID19, everyone is forced to re-think and rework the existing paradigms.

This article will explore the changes brought by the incorporation of data science in multiple sectors and how much help a data science certification can offer while switching careers.

Data science in the public sectors

The public sectors are the hotspot for implementing data science. The power of analytics is changing every aspect of serving the population. Healthcare is witnessing the use of smart wearable devices and real-time diagnostics. With the help of data and machine learning models for diagnostics and disease detection, training in full swing soon automation might take over the healthcare industry in spite of the ethical limitations. And the efficiency depends upon the availability of data and the ability to utilize it.

Like the healthcare sector, traffic and disaster management are also experiencing revolutions. Imposing traffic rules has never been easier. It is possible today to predict where a storm or an earthquake might hit and evacuations can be done with finesse.

Moreover, the safety factor is increasing as well. By tracking patterns and trends in the activities of suspects, crimes can be apprehended before commitment. And tracing a criminal is way easier than before after the crime has been committed.

Data science in the commercial sectors

With the right kind of data science certification, one can take up the role of a data analyst. And with a pinch of management skills, it is possible to become a business analyst as well. Analysts are changing businesses for the best and bringing in the possibility of a more efficient operational capability.

If deployed strategically, an analyst can work for bridging the different departments of a commercial entity and plan the route for efficient commerce. Every aspect from sales to product design can be micromanaged for yielding favorable results. With time the situation might worsen but the ability to wield the power of data will definitely make it easy.

The time is ripe to take up arms and contribute, not just for gaining a more secure professional life but also for the collective betterment of humanity.