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Why is the Uber for Mechanics app development demand so high in the market?


The advancement of technology has changed the traditional way of availing every service (like booking taxis and shopping) to online. Customers have also accepted the changes as it seems to be convenient for them. Concerning these changes, services like automobile repair and mechanical work have been available online for customers. They can avail of it using an app like Uber for Mechanics. However, before you set foot in developing the app, let’s get some insights about the Uber for Mechanics app development.

Workflow of the Uber for Mechanics app

The working model of the Uber for Mechanics app is explained in this section. The app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Car owners can download the app from Google Play Store or App Store depending on their OS. 

  • Once they install the app, they can sign up using an email address or other social media accounts. They have to provide their address, current location, vehicle specifications, and other necessary information for the profile setup.
  • In case of any need, car owners search for a nearby mechanic, select a specific mechanic, and send a service request. The respective mechanic gets the service request and accepts the same. Depending on his convenience, he can even reject the service request. 
  • After that, the mechanic uses the GPS to reach the vehicle spot. Meanwhile, the app will notify the mechanic’s arrival to the car owner. 
  • The mechanic services the car. 
  • Multiple payment options are available for customer’s convenience. They can directly pay the mechanic with cash or digital payment modes like credit/debit card, net banking, or digital wallets.
  • Now, the car owner can rate the service if they wish.
  • Above all, the admin monitors all the orders and charges a service charge and order commission. 

Cutting-edge Features To Consider Adding In an Uber for mechanics App

1.Customer panel

  • Schedule service – The car owner can schedule their service according to their convenience. In such a case, the car owner can request the mechanic for the scheduled service. 
  • Payment options Multiple payment gateways have been integrated with the app for the customer’s comfort.

2. Service provider (mechanic) panel 

  • Easy registration – The app makes the registration process easy for mechanics. All the payments and service history can be seen. There is an option to include multiple skills where they expertise.
  • In-app chat This feature will let the mechanic communicate with the support team as well as customers.

3. Admin panel

  • Offers & discounts – It will allow the admin to send notifications related to coupons, offers, and discounts via the app.
  • Analytics dashboard – The app will generate reports that are essential for the business.

Final thoughts

The first and main step in the app development process is to clearly understand the app’s features and functionalities. Approach the best app development company, discuss your business requirements, and create your app using the Uber for Mechanics clone solution with personalized features.