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Why It is Important to Follow Google Algorithm

Google updates

Google is the most popular search engine. Google strives every hour to upgrade its services to provide its user the best possible search results with security and efficiency. To serve this purpose, they have specific facts and protocols stated for the websites on their platform. These protocols are summoned as Google Algorithms. 

Let’s confer more about what Google Algorithms are

If I were to quote the definition of Google Algorithm, it states that “they are a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.” Google Algorithms are specific rules set to derive the best possible result for any search. They are a complex set of rules meant to search on Google quickly and efficiently. These protocols are updated from time to time. These rules help filter out websites that are better than others in a similar field of view. There are some aspects of the Google Algorithm which impact the page’s ability to rank in the SERP of Google, and these are the presence of specific keywords in the title, meta description, and content of the page. One of the latest and significant protocols of the Google Algorithm is the speed of loading. SEO Experts is among the few SEO agencies that regularly update their SEO campaigns according to the updates by Google.

Now, why is it essential to follow these Google Algorithms?

Google Algorithms are a set of standards set for the websites to rank them according to these protocols that are stated. With many businesses, institutes, organizations, and firms set up online, it’s essential to filter the user-friendly and efficient ones in solving user issues. Google makes sure it delivers the best to its users. Hence these algorithms are crucial. But this makes it cumbersome for your website to rank above others if you do not follow these algorithms. Therefore it becomes essential for us to track the updates in these Google Algorithms. Google’s Algorithm dictates how far up you appear on any given SERP.

Following regular updates on Google Algorithms is a must as they change every day. Avoiding these updates could make you witness a sudden drop in the rank of your website. To strengthen and maintain your position, you need to know the latest trend in these, especially if you are an SEO Expert; you need to know the changes in the Google Algorithms as you need to update your client’s websites accordingly. 

How to track Google Algorithms update?

These Google Algorithms are not unchartered territory, and there are many resources on the internet that introduce Google Algorithms update. Some of these include websites like Moz, SEMrush, etc. Google provides tools to track the updates through tracking tools such as MozCast, SEMrush Sensor, and Penguin Tool. Google analysts and experts have frequently shared significant changes to the Algorithm using their Twitter accounts. Several reputable SEO blogs focus primarily on informing the public about significant changes.