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Why McDonald’s has Red and Yellow in its Logo


Today we will talk about the most leading fast food restaurant chain, which is surprising their customers with their unique Burgers and other food items.  Yes, this is none other than McDonald’s. McDonald’s has already won many hearts by giving excellent service to its customers. And we have heard a lot about their quality and products.

They have a wide range of burgers and fries. Moreover, they have their outlets in more than 20 countries, and the number is increasing day by day. In lockdown also McDonald’s has served the customers with no contact delivery. In no contact delivery, they have added this option of scanning the code at their table and place the order from the table only in this way they are reducing the physical contact with costumers.

And I would say I liked this idea very much because this is very easy and convenient. We need to add our WhatsApp number, and yes it’s done! Moreover, you do that by scanning the code with google lens and pay the bill by any of your Options. You will get notified on your WhatsApp whenever your order is ready, and you can also get the bill’s receipt on your WhatsApp only.

So with these services, they are upgrading their level and fulfilling the requirements of customers. So today we have this question of why McDonald’s logo has red and yellow colour in their logo. So I’m going to tell you about the science behind the colours and mood.

Yes, there is a direct relationship of colour with our mood. Not only McDonald’s but some other fast food restaurant chains also have these colours. The main reason is the feeling that this combination of colours emits is perfect for their target market.

Okay, wait! Let me ask you! What do you think when you see a red colour wall or something? Umm! The answer is you feel more active you feel attracted towards that. Yes, you are right; this is all because of the science and chemical reaction in your body whenever your eyes send red colour signals to the brain.

Looking at red and yellow’s positive psychology qualities about the fast food industry, red triggers stimulation, appetite, and hunger, it attracts attention. Yellow triggers the feeling of happiness and friendliness. So there is a hormone known as Serotonin, the level of these hormones increases in the body. Whenever we see these colours and we eventually feel ecstatic after watching them.

When you combine red and yellow, the best thing is it’s about speed and quickness. In eat and out again. Yellow is also the most visible colour in daylight, which is why McDonald’s M can be seen from a far distance.

I have personally experienced this, there is a McDonald’s Donald outlets which is quite far from my home, but from my roof, I can see that M just because of that bright yellow colour. So the combination of yellow and red is perfect to attract customers and increase the sale in the food industry.

The language of colour combination is quicker to the brain than words or shapes as they work Directly on our feelings and emotions. Branding red and yellow is used predominantly by fast-food companies.

You may have seen that McDonald’s are changing a lot of their store colours to green. Now notice the feeling behind that, and see what sense it gives. Green elicit the emotion of nature, natural and environmentally friendly. It’s no longer about rushing for a quick bite to eat. You can relax, get comfortable, linger over a coffee. It would be interesting to know if this has attracted a new green customer base that is more environmentally aware.

Talking about red and yellow colour in the logo, I have told you earlier that it attracts the customers and makes them feel ecstatic and energetic.

The primary science behind red colour is that it emits hunger excitement, urgent, dangerous, sexy, romantic, design, warm and fast. As you can see hunger acute fast, these things in combination can convince a customer to buy the product so they have made this logo to manipulate the psychology of the people so that they can increase their sales.

In addition to this, the yellow colour is for energy, drive, dynamic, encouraging, design, ideas, youth, invention, bright, cheerful. As you can see the qualities of yellow colour, it’s a combination of energy and encouragement, so it encourages the customers towards the products and helps the industry increase sales. So the variety of red and yellow are right in the food industry, entertainment, new technology, caring, hospitality, marketing, caring and advertising.

That is why McDonald’s also adopted these colours because they knew the psychology behind these colours. Thus, they used it very correctly to increase their sales and attract customers’ number. They are working on other aspects too, and with this, they will attract more customers because the quality they are providing is excellent and their priority is their customers. That is why they are upgrading their level daily.