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Why Python is the Best Choice for Beginner Data Scientists


In 1989, Guido Van Rossum, of the Netherlands, started implementing Python coding. “Simple is better than complex” is one of the core philosophies of this language. So he designed the language to be easily comprehensible to the users. And today when Python is a renowned programming language over the globe the main reason for that has to be credited to its comprehensive attribute firsthand. Now giant e-companies like Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Spotify, Netflix, quora use python in their application software in one way or another.

Python is a backend programming language and very popular among experienced programmers but even If you are new to computer programming languages and interested in learning one, Python is a top choice to start with. Your journey in programming is gonna be hectic and highly brainstorming but you will find Python there as your savior for several reasons.

It’s free

Python Software Foundation, the developing organization around Python is a non-profit organization, to begin with. As a beginner in your career, you must be tight on your pockets but the organization doesn’t mind. As an open-source language Python is free to use, irrelevant to the nature of use. Being such welcoming for both commercial and personal use sealed the Python data science partnership as well.


It is a High-level programming language that is very different and much easier from machine level languages. Here you don’t have to please your computer with your coding. You just have to write in a way your noob friend can understand. Syntax of coding in Python is so smooth, that sometimes it can be compared with reading or writing the English language. You will be able to write your own small programs and execute them successfully with ease in a very short time.

Versatile usability 

It can be used for scripting, web scraping, and creating data sets. The scientific community loves it for scientific computing. Additionally, the countless libraries of Python only add to the quotient of ease.

Being a web programming language, it interfaces with the internet and knows exactly how to receive and send web requests and interact with various databases.

Huge standard library

Python’s standard library is huge. In ver (3.5), 300 modules are provided with it, which ranges from a minimal HTTP server (BaseHTTPServer) to databases (sqlite3), to compression libraries (gzip). Many other useful codings are already provided so that you can learn and apply them practically and enjoy learning. These codes are thoroughly tested and bug-free so that’s a great relief for beginners as well.

Easy debugging

Ever tried to smash your head on the wall. Well debugging your own written programs is one such job where you will feel like doing it sooner you start writing long complex codes in most of the other languages. For example, in C/C++ if you make some small mistakes and your program crashes you will be eventually guided to those mistakes, but if it runs with uncertain bugging you are doomed. In your favor, Python is very good at error handling and reporting. It will make your path much easier. 


Marketable skill

Do you know that many of the Python programmers are amongst the most highly paid programmers in the world? In India, a software developer skilled in python can fetch a salary of 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs annually. That brings a cute smile to your face right! This programming language has its own level of demand in the e-market which is very lucrative. The previously mentioned giant companies and others are enthusiastically searching for programmers skilled in Python. If you focus on learning it well you can make it your career.  

The community

The community of Python is very welcoming and well documented. You will find lots of people to help you with your coding problems and there are also a great number of third-party libraries for your hour of need. Additionally, there are lots of Q & A sites for questions in your mind regarding it.

Apart from these, study materials, courses on Python can be found pretty easily on the internet from various sources. Many good Books on Python are flooding the book market and can be used for detailed study of the language

Python is slow on its feet in terms of processes. Fortunately, the time it saves while writing codes, makes up for most of the delay. But the recommendation for beginner data scientists will be to pay this much “time” for the greater good.