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Why Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV is Better than Other TVs Available in the Market ?

Samsung TV

With the boom in consumption of video content, the TV manufacturers have been racing to provide smart TVs for the middle class that has migrated to OTT platforms from cable channels. Like the smartphone market, the LED TV market has also seen a surge in moderately priced models aimed at the middle class. As a result, one doesn’t have to splurge money to get themselves a smart TV. 

For example, a 32-inch TV, with all the latest features will not burn a hole in anyone’s pockets today, as compared to 3-4 years ago. The major players in the Indian smart TV industry are Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, and Sony among others. The following is a case study as to why a Samsung 32-inch smart TV is a tad better than the models offered by other brands.

Picture Quality/Screen Resolution

Although 4K and 8K screen resolutions are the talks of the town, most of the 32-inch variants offer HD Ready or Full HD resolution. Now, what one must remember is that a 32-inch TV is meant for a small room, with a viewing distance of 3 to 5 feet. In this case, the entry-level HD Ready LED TV, with a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution will have a slightly lower quality than a Full HD TV, with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. 

TVHowever, from a distance of around 4-5 feet, these minor differences are barely noticeable. As nearly all Samsung 32-inch Smart TVs come in either of the two resolutions, there is no fear of missing out on better screen resolutions that other brands might offer.

Sound Quality

32-inch smart TVs tend to have a variety of sound options, ranging from 10W speakers to dual speakers, built-in woofers, or even Dolby Surround Sound. The TVs from Samsung Series 4 do come with some great built-in sound options. However, if one is planning to invest in a separate soundbar to connect to the TV, the built-in sound specifications should not be an issue.

Operating System

Samsung uses Tizen OS in its smart TVs, as compared to other brands that provide Linux-based or Android operating systems. The advantage of having a Tizen OS is that the multiple menu panels make all the features more accessible, and hence, it becomes easier to navigate through different devices that might be connected to the TV.

These factors, coupled with multiple HDMI and USB ports, and the availability of models at various price points make Samsung TVs a good choice when looking for a smart TV. Also, considering the vast network of service stations and help centres that the brand offers, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get help if anything goes wrong. On the whole, Samsung provides a spectrum of options, both in terms of prices and features, which makes Samsung TVs some of the best-LED TV models available in the market.

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