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Why should you choose IB Schools for your child?

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There comes a stage when every parent would have to enroll their children in a school that will form the cornerstone of their early development. There are a plethora of options when it comes to selecting a school, but filtering the one that fulfills and comprehends a child’s interest is a tough nut to crack.  

While choosing an excellent educational institution for your child, you must have come across different school boards ranging from CBSE to ICSE that continue to follow a traditional education model. However, international curricula are gradually making their way in Indian schools. That’s why parents prefer international boards that go with the conventional Indian curricula provided by boards like CBSE. 

IB schools are garnering much attention over the past few years due to the variation in teaching styles and learning options this international curriculum offers. Focusing on the child’s holistic development, IBDP schools design a system of teaching and assessment that enables children to learn in an environment that ensures liberty and discipline.

Why Choose IB Schools over other Conventional Boards?

The best part about the International Baccalaureate program is its ability to adapt to the traditional learning model and make it more enticing by providing students with the freedom to choose what they learn and what they make out of it for their careers. 

While most schools worldwide have embraced the IB curriculum, Tokyo’s international schools are amongst the top schools that have successfully employed the IB curriculum. These schools are helping the students find their path differently while offering their holistic personality development during their schooling years.

Being new to an international study program, your child might find it challenging initially. But as ways of this realistic and practical learning approach shape every student’s mind, the journey becomes much more fascinating even while learning the core academic subjects like science, maths, etc. 

To help you make a wiser choice, let’s look at some of the fundamental advantages of enrolling your child into a Tokyo international school that follows an IB curriculum pattern. 

  • IB Program focuses on practical knowledge development of a child, which does not aim towards rote learning but rather to implicate the understanding of the concept better practically.
  • IB Curriculum enhances the critical thinking ability modifying their ways to analyze a problem and search for its solution through the provided means/resources.
  • Apart from teaching regular coursework, the IB program also involves students writing research papers in their senior secondary level, which helps them become better researchers, prepare them for high education and enhance their researching and writing skills.
  • IB Program introduces students to the CAS (Creativity, Action & Service), which instills values by indulging in extracurricular activities in three different domains.

Creativity nurtures their passion for an art form, Service that enables them to contribute back to the community, providing them with a secure space to live in, and Action that makes them influential decision-makers and implements it to derive action.

  • IB Program provokes curiosity in every child with the help of their TOK value which stands for Theory of Knowledge which enables them to understand why something happens the way it does? It allows them to form diverse perspectives.
  • The most important is that the IB Program offers global exposure to the students with meeting world-class faculties that help them be part of diverse cultures and prepare for the next step.