Why Smartphone Battery Drains Quickly and What Needs to Be Done?

Everybody loves modern phones, but they all notorious for quick battery drain. After a day spent checking notifications, sending emails and messages, your cellphone is dead. Most people have to plugin twice. However, if you … Read More

Everybody loves modern phones, but they all notorious for quick battery drain. After a day spent checking notifications, sending emails and messages, your cellphone is dead. Most people have to plugin twice.

However, if you hark back to the era before the smartphone flooded the market, mobile phones used to keep going for days. Now the question what has caused this drastic change? Why smartphone batteries do not last and what mobile manufacturing companies are doing about it. One of the significant key players in technology.

Old mobile phones used to use 2G technology and old GSM networks. This is why their batteries could last for a couple of days. Smartphones are not as old mobile phones. They are like computer systems that have to be strong enough to connect the network to wireless connections. This entire process involves information processing, and this all needs currents flowing around like silicon chips.

You can easily sense it on your laptop and desktop because they use fans to cool the processor when heat is generated. This entire process is done silently on your mobile phone, and hence you cannot realize how quickly your battery is draining. Experts have tried to find out the causes for the quick drain of energy, and to their surprise, there were many factors.

Hitting the go button can consume 12 joules of energy.

You will be surprised to know that your smartphone can consume 12 joules of energy that can store between 15,000 and 20,000 joules of energy just when you hit the go button and make an effort to call someone. This does not need to come as a shock because the real surprises are still waiting for you.

The design of the website

When experts dived further, they found that the design of the web page also eats up a lot of energy. For instance, some companies make their websites mobile-friendly, which is why they can process within a couple of seconds. However, people access some sites through mobile phones, but they take a bit longer time to process the complete information.

A mobile-friendly website can take about 3 joules of energy while the others can take about 36 joules of energy. Experts have reported that if you visit, your mobile phone will consume 34 joules of your website.

Experts have found that websites that are not mobile-friendly are notoriously responsible for killing the battery. Just because the page fits your screen, it does not mean that the website is mobile-friendly. The way they have been built also matters a lot.

Some websites use interactive elements to provide a personalized experience to users, and they run in the background leading to a drain of almost 34 joules in some cases. However, it reduces to other ordinary and straightforward websites to nearly 10 joules.

The setting of your service provider

Apart from the design of websites, the settings your service provider use also play a significant role in killing your phone battery. During the transmission of information, the network tells your mobile phone to use the maximum power.

Further, experts have found that when an application runs in the background and keeps sending you the notification after a couple of minutes, it keeps consuming your battery. Experts found that if you control your settings, you will likely save your battery.

You will be able to consume half of the power during transmission. However, it can make a slight improvement. Experts suggest that a network must be improved because this is a more substantial way to increase the battery life of a smartphone.

However, nobody knows whether it will ever be possible because the mobile industry grapples with electronics because they are not efficient.

Everything lies in a small device.

Modern smartphones have everything in one place that allows you to access the entire globe. You can say that it is an interface that connects you with the rest of the world.

Battery power wastage can be reduced only if the mobile manufacturers produce electronic inks similar to those used in eBooks, and there is still no clarity on what these companies are up to.

Smartphone-making companies emphasize the RAM and storage space to attract several customers, but they are not efficient to take adequate measures to reduce the battery power.

Battery manufacturers have told experts that they can do very little about it. It will probably take more than two decades to make some improvements.

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