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Why Spa Booking Software Is an Essential Tool – 3 Undeniable Features?


A spa is a place of relaxation for clients. They love soothing music and fragrance of different lotions and oils. Clients can gain this experience after the appointment. If any issue occurs in handling the clients, it will ruin their experience. As a result, your client will not bother to return ever again. Whenever someone asked that client for a suggestion of spa, that client will say don’t visit a specific spa. See how one mistake can ruin your image for a lifetime.

Most often these problems occur if you forget about the appointment of a client. Spa Booking Software is a tool which can be used to avoid these kinds of discomforts. App of employees reminds them before any customer’s appointment time.

Why Booking Software Is an Essential Tool:

It is a tool to enhance customer experience and staff performance. We can’t blame staff for negligence all the time. human error can occur due to poor management. If you have multiple tasks to accomplish, chances of mistake increase automatically. This software eliminates multitasking by handling administrative tasks. Now, the staff is only responsible to deal with customers.

Key Elements of Software:

Always keep these three key elements of software in mind. If any software is not efficiently offering these services don’t buy it. These key elements are the backbone of the success of your business.

1.    Online Booking:

Clients must be able to book appointments at their ease. There must be no technical glitch in this feature. The smooth operation of features is not worth compromising. It is also important that customers also have a facility to book their appointments from their mobiles. Through this software, clients can see available dates for their desired services highlighted in different colors. At any time if they want to cancel their appointment or to book another day, they are free to do this.

Due to this feature customers can book appointments wherever they are. The software will send reminders a day before, on that day, and an hour before the appointment. According to research only 23% like to book an appointment via calls. So, to capture rest is essential.

2.    Option to Choose Staff:

It is a fact that everyone can’t be good in customer handling. But those who have specialization in this skill are more likely to be favorite of clients. So, the facility of choosing those staff members through Spa Booking Software helps a lot in retaining a customer. Being treated by the one they want to, increase their satisfaction and loyalty with spa.

According to research, 68% of people love to choose their desired staff member. How can any spa neglect such a large portion of clients? Is it more convenient through software or by manually checking the routine of a specific staff member?

3.    Online Payment Strategy:

It is easy to pay from home than visiting spa specifically for payment. According to research, about 76% of people love to make online payments. The facility of online payment is like cream to them.

According to a survey around 30% of people like to pay at a spa. This not a rational thing to ignore 30% of the clients and capture only 76%. Online payments indeed secure your revenue. If a customer misses his/her appointment, you still have secured your payment.

There are some strategies you can make to cater rest part of clients.

  • Charge only a booking fee online and receive rest of the payment at Spa. This will attract more customers and rest portion of clients also feel comfortable in that way.
  • Set clear instructions that advance is not refundable. It will cater the chances of loss you have to bear due to last-minute cancellation.
  • Whatever you decide regarding your online payment. State clear policies regarding online payment.

Concluding Arguments:

The reason behind discussing all these with figures is to make the use of software easy for you. Wellyx is a spa booking software. The usage of this software is now undeniable because facts show that larger portion of clients wants change in booking services of the spa. A shift towards software is a necessity now for spa owners.