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Why Students Struggles & Need Help for Maths Homework? 7 Causes!

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Maths is the most hated subject for students. There are only few students who love maths otherwise all the students hate it. Many students struggle with maths at some point of their academic life and seek help for maths homework.

Do you ever thought what makes maths so difficult? Why maths is a most hated subject of all time?

Here is your answer.


7 Common causes of trouble in maths :-


  1. Anxiety – Maths anxiety doesn’t happen when student only dislike maths, for them maths causes feeling of fear, and failure that affects their ability to perform. The pressure and lack of confidence they feel causes their brain freeze and they even forget what they remember.


  1. Poor Foundation – Maths challenges aren’t always because of anxiety or fear of students, for many students it happens because they have a poor foundation on subject. These students are may be fallen behind by teacher while teaching or they moved to advance material before they are ready for it. It leads to fall in grade later on.


  1. Difficult to relate to – For students learning usually happen best when the can relate it to their life. Maths is a very abstract subject, as maths become more advance it becomes difficult to relate to their life. As a result many student find themselves working hard and practice longer to understand the abstract.


  1. There is only right and wrong – There is no room for errors in math, as you know maths is not like an other subject your child either understand what he is doing or he never understand what he is doing. You are either right or all wrong, when it comes to the maths. Because of this maths quickly becomes a subject which frustrate students.


  1. It build on itself – In maths everything built on what came before. Your child need to know basics of he will be completely left out when it comes to the maths problem. Maths is cumulative subject and if your child fall out for even single topic, it can be very difficult for him as the advance section will not make sense to him.


  1. Requires lot of practice – Maths isn’t a subject your child can learn automatically. Maths require more practice compare to any other subject and it takes time to understand. Since many students don’t want to study maths. Getting them sit down and practice can be a struggle.


  1. Dyscalculia – In a first 6 cause we talked about troubles which is built by children only but dyscalculia is different then these causes. It a natural default, it is a learning difficulty that causes student to struggle with formulas, shapes, and numerical concepts. This make difficult for children to understand maths.


In this write-up we study about 7 common troubles caused by maths on students. Maths is a conceptual subject which need to be done by making fundamental basics strong. But some students faces many problems and then look for help for maths homework. If you are also having trouble regarding your maths home work you can go through our website Assignment Desk and can place an order for your homework.