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Why Tenants Should Appoint the Best Eviction Avoidance Lawyer in Los Angeles


After scrubbing the floors and ensuring the windows are sparkling, your landlord says they’ve changed their mind about renting the apartment to you. Despite a long sob story about the sad state of affairs in their life, you can tell the person is lying. The truth is that they have found someone willing to pay a higher rent! They expect the rent for the three days you’ve been living there and an empty apartment in a few days. Anyone would be flummoxed at the person’s audacity and greed. You’ve known people to change their minds over the tenant’s color or political views, but these circumstances are different.

Seek Clarity And Know About The Laws That Protect You

The best thing you could do is immediately connect with an experienced tenant lawyer and clarify the laws relevant to your specific situation. Any eviction avoidance attorney in Long Beach would suggest you do not react and consult a professional. There are some new laws to protect tenants beyond last September and again you shouldn’t react to your landlord without clarity from an eviction avoidance attorney for Long Beach. The professionals will recommend staying calm unless a Sheriff is knocking at your door with a Writ of Possession.

The new laws for eviction related to COVID 19 have not expired in September ’21 and it’s now extended up to the end of January ’22. Don’t overburden yourself with trying to figure out what the new legislation does to protect tenants, the best solution is connecting with a tenant lawyer from Los Angeles for explaining your rights and options. Financial experts will say things are returning to normal and make you invest in some funds, but for the layman, things are still uphill coping without a job and paying rent.

Any experienced eviction avoidance attorney from Long Beach will explain the County Covid-19 Tenant Protection resolutions to you in plain English. The most significant change is that landlords are permitted to start an eviction for non-payment of rent keeping the new stipulations in mind. A tenant lawyer from Los Angeles can find loopholes even if their client has not paid rent from October 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022. Without their advice, a landlord could file a 3-Day Notice for eviction and unlawfully scare you into vacating their property.

Final Thoughts

Some of the valid reasons a tenant lawyer Los Angeles can explain are the expiration of your lease, blatant violation of lease agreement, or overdue rent in relevant cases. What a landlord can’t do is evict you based on your race or religion. This has always been the land of opportunity for people from across the world, and no one can deprive you of something because your parents were from another country. “Integrity” is an important word that applies to all business relationships but should not be taken for granted in today’s world of around-the-clock connectivity and artificial intelligence.