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Why Travelers Prefer To Book Service Apartments Kolkata?


Service apartments happen to be a well-renowned choice for business and leisure travelers. They offer the most ideal accommodation to you. They are known to be fully furnished apartments, which can be availed for short term and long-term basis.

They are equipped with different amenities, such as laundry rooms, fitness centers, room service. They are regarded as a suitable alternative to the hotels. In this article, you can know why travelers prefer booking service apartments Kolkata.

Space that does not interrupt the style

The service apartments feature studios about 43 sqm. They come with duplex penthouses and three-bedroom residences. As you opt for the service apartments, you can be ensured that there will be no compromise on the lifestyle.

The service apartments are recognized to be units, which are about 15-30 percent larger than the regular hotel rooms. Hence, if you want to go on a longer trip, you can be ensured that you are not going to feel that the walls are coming closer to you.

Another obvious reason why service apartments are an ideal choice for extended stays is that they offer extra space. Thus, they are a comfortable and wonderful venue to enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones.

Housekeeping solutions

Another optimum reason why it is ideal to choose the service apartments is that the management offers regular housekeeping solutions. Regardless of the durability of the stay, the housekeeping solutions, offered by the service apartments play an integral role in keeping the whole house tidy and clean. An improved stress-free living, which boasts of supreme quality of housekeeping solutions helps in avoiding all kinds of chaos, thereby keeping the house clean.

More bucks for the packet

If you want to stay for several nights, the service apartments are recognized to be a budget-friendly solution than the booking of several hotel rooms. The service apartments include kitchens, kitchenettes, tableware, cookware which provides the optimum choice to prepare each and everything, such as microwavable popcorn, full course meals.

The service apartments stand out of the ordinary in offering more comfortable stays at the most economical prices. The service apartments operate with utmost efficiency. They are regarded as the sought-after option by business travelers and vacationers. If you want to explore the city like a local, the service residences offer hassle-free access to the local staff. You can enjoy your vacation like never before as you book the service apartments.