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Why Use An Asset Tracking Software For Managing Telecom Assets?


The telecom industry makes it possible for us to communicate with other people via telephone calls and the internet. Telecom companies use a diverse range of assets for making this possible. Interrupted and shoddy connections can leave customers frustrated. And it impacts the credibility of the telecom organization in charge of it. 


Digital communication is an inseparable part of our lives. No reason will make up for a bad connection. 


When the quality of communication suffers, it is primarily due to one specific reason – an ineffective asset management strategy. The most efficient solution to overcome this problem is to use a telecom network asset management software solution. We will discuss why in this article. 

What are telecom assets?

Any type of resource that helps facilitate digital communication is known as a telecom asset. Resources that fall under this category include:

  • Network towers
  • Routers
  • Cables
  • Servers
  • Telephone
  • Mobile phones


These assets age over time. In that process, they can develop a series of issues that hinder communication and impact business revenue. For this reason, asset management is crucial. 


A well-planned asset management strategy ensures long-lasting telecom assets, prevents asset failure, and significantly cuts down expenses. The best way to oversee these tasks is to use an asset management software solution. Let’s take a look at it more in detail.

What is a telecom inventory management software solution?

A telecom inventory management software solution is a dedicated application for tracking, monitoring and maintaining telecom assets. It contains several features that make managing various aspects of telecom assets an effortless task. Moreover, it gives you complete control of all the assets in your organization, right from when you acquire them until they are decommissioned.


Long gone are the days when spreadsheet software was the only solution to manage assets. With a cutting-edge software solution like a management software, you can maintain business continuity and increase returns on investment. Let’s take a look at the most prominent features that these software solutions possess.

Features of telecom network asset management software

Asset tracking

Telecom assets may change places a lot. If you cannot find them immediately, you’re probably spending a lot of time searching for them. This causes delays and hampers productivity. Asset tracking software solutions don’t let this happen. They can integrate with tracking technologies like GPS, barcode scanners, NFC and RFID. As a result, you can find the location of your assets instantly and accurately.

Asset maintenance

All your telecom assets require maintenance. Without it, they run the chances of failing at any time. With an asset management software solution, you can create custom maintenance schedules. It also autologs every maintenance task. So you can easily view past service history. Furthermore, maintenance tasks are backed by notifications and alerts. They remind you about fast approaching maintenance tasks and overdue maintenance schedules.

Forecast expenses

It is important to estimate the amount of money it will cost to not only purchase the asset, but to also maintain them. Assets incur a myriad of expenses throughout their life cycles. An insufficient budget to take care of them will impact business revenue. Asset tracking software for telecom can accurately estimate expenses for maintenance, acquisition of new assets, replacements and more.

Inventory management

Staying updated with what you have in your inventory is important. It tells you what you have in stock and what you don’t have. For any business, sufficient inventory stock is necessary for uninterrupted business operations. And asset tracking software solutions do a spectacular job at ensuring it. It automatically updates the number of stocks you have, and can also autofill purchase forms when your inventory runs low.

Reports and analytics

Asset management solutions collect large amounts of raw data at numerous key points. The software can then consolidate and process this data into meaningful information. It can reveal data on:

  • What assets are most frequently used.
  • What assets cost the most to maintain.
  • What are the least used assets.
  • Opportunities to cut down expenses.
  • Opportunities to boost productivity.


The best way to manage telecom assets is with an asset tracking software for telecom. It helps mitigate risks, boosts operational efficiency, cuts down expenses and finally boosts profits. If you’re looking for the best telecom asset tracking software, then I highly recommend purchasing SmartAMS. It is cloud-enabled, compatible with various third-party apps, safe and secure-to-use. Contact SmartPoint for a feww live demo of SmartAMS today.