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Why we like gadgets

How psychology influences your trades?
How psychology influences your trades?

I ask myself this question often and I believe that I am still interested in gadgets as many people think and men are more interested in gadgets than women. It may be novelty or cool but we all have a new mindset that likes something new that affects our minds. I want to put the gadget in several different categories.

Jackie Gadget – This category often includes people who are new to computers and want to see the simple electronic wonders that come with our time. Most Jackie devices can be a new mouse for a computer or a new charm for an electronic lighter.

Gadgets for Men – In my opinion men are more interested in E Gadgets Mania than children. I’m personally interested in computers, especially Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but men want to see something they can touch or feel and do not need electronics.

Gadgets for Women – Personal hygiene gadgets, fast-moving hair gadgets, and especially kitchen utensils to make their lives easier.

Electronics – I know this is a broad category, but everyone loves the gadgets that make our lives easier and can still be attractive to a group depending on what type it is. Might be a gadget. The latest devices like EchoDot and Home are just artificial devices you talk to and they talk to you by giving them voice commands. Take a look at our smartphones where you can order our lights, security systems, or products online. Imagine how advanced the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) can be found anywhere in the world. Electronics have become a big part of our lives, anything called “smart” can be a new electronic device.

Stupid and funny stuff I put them together because if you’re a practical clown and you have a gadget, it could be a spy camera in a ballpoint pen or a camera attached to a shirt or jacket lap. . What about a box that makes some stupid and others ridiculous? Political gadgets and ideas for your next party.

So why do we like gadgets? Psychologists believe that giving us what we want to give to others, for example by releasing a new smartphone, will allow you to stay out of the queue “in the crowd”. Marketers use a number of clever ways to sell new gadgets, allowing them to feel that you have to have that particular item. These studies are based on market research. Smart marketing science has opened up a new field called “neural marketing” as businesses try to attract customers to certain products, such as gadgets.

 Gadgets give us space.

The important thing is that gadgets allow us to save space. The “save space” utility guide is derived from “multiple objects in one”. Take, for example, the BlackBerry phone. BlackBerry is a small advanced phone with tablet capabilities. Obviously, this is not a portable computer or scratch pad, but with one item you can talk, send messages, change world records, browse the Internet, and access. For a few dollars you get a pleasant innovation. It is also important to note that the BlackBerry is less expensive than the scratch disk.

Conclusion: Gadgets reduce our demand for life, reduce money and, more importantly, pass our time.

This is my decision. Gadgets really give us time and time is our most important resource. Most of all, gadgets are moderately flawed when you consider that it will cost you more to buy 20 things that do the unexpected. The purpose of the gadget is to enable us to maximize profits. Moreover, do not ignore the fun part: we like to play with gadgets!