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Why You Should be Considering Solar Water Heater? What Benefits it Provides?

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Well, there’s talk or meeting taking place somewhere about global warming right now. And unsurprisingly, there may be many more in days do come. So what can you do about it? The answer is simple, start from your home. The best time for sustainable living is now, and as technology advances, the world will be more reliant on natural and efficient methods. Let’s start with water, the most essential element you need. According to a report, a family spends $400-$600 a month on an electric water heating system. This cost may spike further depending on the age and make of the system. So, How about replacing the electric water heating system with a solar panel water heater?

Solar Energy is now used as a source of electricity in many countries across the world. Solar Power has been around for decades, but now it is becoming popular due to exponential prices coming down on Solar Panels along with various benefits it brings to you and the environment at large.

What are the benefits of a Solar Water Heater System?

Solar Water Heater and Solar Hot water system will help you save money and keep your appliances lighten up without producing any greenhouse gasses. So let’s look into more prominent reasons to switch to this life-saving system.

  1. You get hot water instantly: Solar Water heating systems work on Solar energy, and the sun is available every day, all day, well, most times. So, as sunlight is available to heat water for 8 hours every day, you get hot water instantly if you have one installed in your home.
  2. Energy-efficient: Solar Water Heater won’t consume any electricity after initial installation cost during cloudy days because it uses Solar Energy available abundantly everywhere. Isn’t this benefit great? Furthermore, it has the added advantage of not producing greenhouse gasses, thus protecting the environment and your loved ones.
  3. The increased resale value of your home: Solar Water Heating System increases the resale value of the house. If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, this will be an added advantage Solar Water Heater System has over Solar Panels. You can easily find an interested buyer.
  4. Cost Cuts: Solar Water Heater System is the most affordable of all Solar Energy devices. The system costs less considering the various benefits it brings to your life. Solar Panels, on the other hand, require heavy initial investments and maintenance.

Benefits of a Solar Water Heating System over a Solar Panel?

Solar Panel converts solar energy to electricity to be used to run appliances like AC, TV, etc. This means it cannot provide you with hot water, unlike Solar Hot Water System. Solar panels are installed on rooftops, while a Solar Hot water system is installed mostly indoors, i.e., near your kitchen sink or bathroom.

How much does a solar water heating system cost?

Solar Power has no initial installation cost but the equipment required to use it, i.e. Solar Panels. Solar Hot Water System has an initial installation cost, but that is recovered in one year or less depending upon your electricity bills.

Solar Water Heating System is a good investment for any home because it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provides hot water instantaneously.

Tips for using Solar Energy

Solar Energy is available everywhere, so use it to power appliances that consume lesser electricity like LED lights, ceiling fans, etc., rather than running them on an inverter. Solar energy stored during day time can be used at night or even when there are no sunny days to provide instant hot water round the year.

What does a Solar Water Heater do?

They save you money and help you help the environment. It heats the water using solar power during the daytime for use later when the sun goes down. Solar Homes use Solar Hot Water systems to save money and the environment. Solar Hot Water Systems work on a simple principle: Using Solar Panels to heat water during the daytime to be consumed later in the night or cloudy days when the sun takes a day off.

How Do I save the World from home?

Solar Panels have no greenhouse gasses, i.e. they do not emit any greenhouse gases while producing electricity. So by using less Solar Energy, you are using more Green energy produced through solar panels, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses. That’s how you can do it.