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Why you should choose WordPress Hosting in 2021?


If you have just heard of only shared hosting or dedicated hosting, it’s time to update your knowledge. For WordPress lovers, there is a special CMS based hosting plan called WordPress Web Hosting Solution.


Why you should choose HostingRaja’s WordPress Hosting?

Now, let us understand the reasons to choose the WordPress Web hosting plans.

Superior Support

The best reason you should choose WordPress hosting is the best in class support. WordPress hosting providers only support the WordPress platform. The benefit is that it doesn’t coincide with Drupal, Magento, or any other type of platform.

For this simple reason, the support teams are trained and hired according to specific WordPress needs. They are the experts and provide a quick resolution.

Most of them are WordPress developers or Linux experts.

You get chat support, email or ticket support.

Ultra Fast Performance

Another reason why WordPress hosting is preferred is that the servers are configured to work with WordPress.

If a user chooses shared service, they will typically need to spend time installing key software. Also, it needs optimization to obtain the speed that a perfect WordPress host can offer you. A shared host hardly provides the speeds you expect.

Automatic Backups

Safety comes first. You should always take a backup if you want a risk free continuation of the website.

Like insurance, You should plan for the worst-case scenario, and this can be done by using backups. Regular backups of your site help a lot at the time of emergencies. We found this a high priority item as suggested by experts of cheapandbesthosting.com

Generally, you can take manual backups also from the control panel. But automatic backups are even better.



With WordPress hosting, you can get access to developer-friendly features. Features like SSH access, Composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and Git are available.

If you are using shared hosting, you won’t get SSH access. That simply means that you are not able to use these advanced features.

Scalability as per the needs

You will not want to start with an expensive plan if you are a beginner. Scalability is a feature that offers you a seamless upgrade to the next plan as per the needs.

If there is a sudden spike in traffic, your account will not be suspended. Your host will give you an option to upgrade to a better plan.

WordPress hosting manages everything for you. You are supposed to work on core issues related to content and SEO.
Leave everything else aside.

Staging Environments

Do you want a dummy site for testing the changes without impacting the main site? If yes, staging can help you a lot. Yes. If your site is a business site, you cannot afford your site to go down even for a single minute.

With the staging environment, you can test all new plugin updates, upgrades, and PHP versions, etc without impacting the main site.

A dummy site is created for you and you can explore the simulated environment first. If everything is ok, just publish it.


A WordPress hosting solution is a far superior option for those who are looking for quality. They may sound a little bit expensive but in long run, they save a lot of costs.

Yes, You don’t need additional CDN services, Cloudflare is included there. As far as backups are concerned, you have a built-in backup service. Regarding security, you get ultimate protection because of daily malware scans and patching.