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Why you should switch to automation for managing the product feed and retail ads of your business


With the advent of digitization, almost every business tries to find its footing in the online world. There has been a meteoric rise in eCommerce platforms, which has resulted from all the companies going online. Today, every brick-and-mortar store has an online presence, including a website, social media pages, etc. But the rise of online stores has also made eCommerce highly competitive. You have to reach your target audience, attract traffic to your website/online store, increase the visibility of your products and services in the market, and many more challenges.

Two key challenges faced by online businesses are product feed management and retail ad management. Let’s first talk about product feed management.


What is the problem of manual product feed management?

A product feed/product data feed is a file that contains all the information about your product, including its image, attributes, colour, etc. These product feeds are forwarded to many online shopping channels where each product can be displayed and advertised. The customers can then compare it with other similar products before making the purchase. Proper product feed management is instrumental in advertising and selling your product online.

If you’re still trying to manage your product data feed manually, you need to switch to automation. Here’s why. Without automation, the process of setting up a product data feed is lengthy and time-consuming. When done manually, the chances of human-errors are also much higher.


How automation solves the problem of product feed management

Here’s how automating your product feed management process will solve these problems-

  • When automated, the product feed is thoroughly optimized and organized. If you run a small business and don’t have an IT department or marketing team to manage your product data feed, then automating it will be the best option for you.
  • If you run a large business, automating data feed management and advertising will cut your costs and save you a lot of time and money.
  • Automating your data feed will drastically enhance its quality. It will be able to meet the needs of your export platforms much more quickly.
  • It will help in automatically updating your product information. This will help you in properly advertising your product.
  • One of the overall results of automating feed management is that it optimizes your customers’ experience, which helps your business grow.
  • If you want to advertise your product/services on many online shopping websites, then automating your product feed will help you do this with ease and efficiency.

What is the problem of manual retail ad management?

Retail advertising helps the retail stores reach the maximum number of people possible, generating awareness about the product. However, like any other process, retail ad management is also time-consuming and prone to human errors when done manually.

The issues with manual retail advertising are that the ads generated are not that relevant to the product; the ad templates are old and already used; the quality score is not high, etc.


How automation solves the problem of retail ad management

Launching an online store is just the first step. To advertise your products, you have to bring in more traffic to your online store, promote the right product to the right target audience, and convert them into customers. Automating the process of retail ad management will benefit your retail business in the following ways:


  • There are multiple automation platforms and tools that will generate advertisements for your retail store and its products for Google and Microsoft.
  • Running Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads through a tool or automation platform will provide you with better returns on the money you spend on advertising.
  • Automating retail advertisements will generate PPC campaigns specific to your product, which help increase the click-through rate on your ads.
  • Automation uses data analytics for retail to understand customer behaviour, tracking the customer journey, coming up with better promotion offers, etc.
  • Data analytics in retail helps businesses target their promotions to increase conversion rates.
  • Automation generates ads that much more relevant to your campaign.
  • It also helps in drastically improving your quality score, which in turn brings more business.


To sum it up, automation saves time and human resources and increases your business’s revenue by creating ads and product feeds specific to your business and product.